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  1. Hmm, i wished i would have been there. I would be nice to meet you all. And all those beautyfull coin...


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie ;)

  2. First 10 Winners:







    The Walkabouts

    Wij Drie



    Kiwi Nomad


    please PM me. I need ADDRESS, and SUBJECT LINE: Kids Caching


    Please do not e-mail me - this will get all lost and I don't want that to happen.


    I'm on the list. So i'm one of the happy winners. I did even PM. But what did i win? I haven't see anything yet.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :laughing:

  3. Well, we won't be going to GW5.


    #1 - Arrival Time at hotel 12:00

    #2 - Room # 20

    #3 - Arrive at room - 13:00


    Have fun over there.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :laughing:

  4. You are just going to have to be sweet to the right people! :anicute:

    I can be sweet and nice.


    You all gave a good time at the GW5 and greetings from a sunny Netherlands.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :(

  5. Nice Coin but i hope you haven`t minted this coin.

    The belgian flag is wrong. :D

    The Colors aren`t "black,red,yellow". The right Colors are"black,yellow,red. :anicute:



    Indeed, Their flag on the palace:



    But they have the Dutch flag in order.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :)

  6. I do have a couple of the only international entry in the Geo Top 40 project:




    I would like to trade to:

    Wales 2006

    Poland coin

    Austria 2007 (shaped)

    Austrian Geocow

    Crake's Symbology (any)

    YemonYime's personal

    Dorkfish geocoin

    World of geocaching version 2

    Geocoin fairy

    Geocoin Secret Agent


    Please email me through my profile.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :laughing:

  7. My coin with Dutch reviewer Kruimeldief at the Geocaching Multi Event 2007 on April 14th!!! :laughing:



    And it's not only Kruimeldief on this picture. But a part of Wij Drie is also visible. It was a good day on the first European Mega Event.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :rolleyes:

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