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  1. Can i be on the WAITLIST for the LE.


    I'm from Europe so i missed the this auction. It was 2 am overhere.



    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :ph34r:

  2. ... (since I do not and have never bought a dutch auction) ...

    We Dutch know everything about Dutch auctions. To bad it will be 1 AM in the Netherlands when this thing starts (correct me if i'm wrong, GTM+1).


    We'll see when we wake up.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :huh:

  3. After Wisconsin....this is the next coin without international shipping...why???

    I ask only, because the North Carolina Gold coin accepted internatinal orders. :huh:

    I don't like the way you treat your European friends either. Why not international shipping? You can send 2 - 4 coins to Europe for only $5. And we're willing to pay for shipping.


    We did let you buy the European, Dutch and UK coin to!


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie B)

  4. do I get a FTO price? (firt to order)  :ninja:

    Yeah: you are now entitled to organize a coin-event in The Netherlands as soon as all the coins you have ordered until this day arrive :ninja: .

    I second that. We would sure like to see a coin event. Perhapse when the Dutch Coin arrives?


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :ninja:

  5. I'm also happy to take over one or more peaches. They will disappear in Europe so that no American will ever have to see them. And yes, i'll pay for them or trade them for a Dutch Geocoin (1000 minted).


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :lol:

  6. 1) Norway or was it Netherlands?

    2) Dutch

    3) Germany (A trade is in the works)

    4) ...TBD...

    5) ...TBD...


    I actually don't have a lot but don't really want much either.

    Norway doesn't have a coin yet and the Netherlands and Dutch are the same. So that's one down for you.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie <_<


    btw: Norway and the Netherlands are about 1000 km apart from each other. There's a BIG sea between them (or some other countries).

  7. I'm not addicted. I'm just here for a good beer and some 'gezelligheid'. I can go whenever i want.


    But i'll miss some coins then.


    What's step 1?


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :rolleyes:

  8. I'd also like to order two of each, but I can't make any sense out of the website.


    When you push the English flag in the right-top corner, the site will be translated in English. It's quite simple.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie

  9. Purely wondrous design. As the "globalgirl" I'm understandably keen on at least collecting all the country coins that come out, so I surely hope to purchase one when they go on sale.


    <begin whine...>

    As it is (errr... was) sales for the Dutch coin suddenly came out in the middle of the night for those of us here on the U.S. left coast. B)

    <end whine...>


    Thus I'd plead only that you at least give the World a heads-up before you open sales - so those of us on the other side of the globe can at least set our alarms to have a prayer of getting one of the pretty Czech dubloons.

    We in Europe miss a lot of American coins becouse it's in the middle of the night for us. So a 'heads-up' for the American coins to Europe will be welcome to!


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :)


    ps. I like the coin

  10. There are going to be a lot of Dutch Geomunten in the Netherlands. There have NEVER been any Mount10bike coins in the Netherlands.


    Would anyone like to trade a Mount10bike-coin to a NL-munt?


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :cool:

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