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  1. I now have V7 of City navigator installed and collectors/ express are being used again. Same exit as before but got on at Allen so I went right to the express. Every time I approached a transfer from Express (where I'm traveling) it beeps staying stay left until I get to the Whites rd transfer, it then beeps saying get right. My street pilot used to always tell me to stay left in the express when I was on V5 but stopped when I went to V7. Maybe V8 will get rid of this for the 60Cx.
  2. Thank you all, City Navigator V7 is now up and running on my 60Cx after the additional unlock. Oh and Christmas came early yesterday, browsing on Ebay and found a 512 card that I got for $4.25. Not the 1GB or the 2GB but more that I will ever need.
  3. Just to give you a idea of Ebay, just picked up a Palm Vx for $15 cdn without shipping as I'm picking up tomorrow at lunch. Missed a simular one on Sunday for about $6 cdn but shipping put it higher than the one I got. I'm even newer at this game but already I feel bad for the amount of paper I have printed and then thrown in the recycle bin after the find.
  4. Thank you for the information, 64mb will be fine for now as I'm only using it locally. Maybe a Christmas sale will produce a good deal on a BIG card. Of to register V7 with Garmin.
  5. Well, that's exactly what I mean. When I zoom in I can see I'm in the collectors/express, so, the unit 'sees' the lanes. However, if I stay in Express it prompts me to exit not to collector first, then to exit but let me stay in express until about 1km before the exit. Of course, most of the time there is to transfer between express and collector and, unless I jump over the concrete divider I have to miss the exit. Very sorry all there was a typo in my original testing post that is quoted here. Corrected here.... Used my 60cx with MG Canada V4 tonight and it does NOT care if your in the collectors or express. If I zoom in it sees where I am, to the lane. In fact it would have let me stay in the express until it was time to exit when of course it would be too late. Seems repling after a week of afternoons is not a good idea, sorry for the confusion I have caused.
  6. For the past several years I have had a Garmin StreetPilot III for my car and Motorcycle. I have only used 1 unlock code from my navigator V7. Now getting into Geocaching I got a 60Cx. I was told by the dealer that I would have to upgrade to V8 to get it to work on both. As I only upgraded last December from v5 to v7 I feel no need to upgrade, I have not found streets missing for my needs (did from v5... that's why I upgraded). I was told by the Garmin dealer that the 60Cx would work on v8 but not v7. I prepared the 2 maps for loading that cover most of Ontario Canada that I would use and they look like they would fit on my 64Mb card but I still need to do the unlock. I do not want to waste my unlock code if it will not work Question: Will City Navigator V7 work on my 60Cx with a 64MB card? TIA Derek
  7. I got on the 401 at Keele Street, first place to transfer to the express is at Young St. I exit at Whites Rd in Pickering. Transfer from Express at collectors is at Meadowvale. As I entered the 401 the next instruction was "exit Whites rd,?? Km” It never said to transfer to the express but the map showed me (when zoomed in) that I was in the collectors. I took the transfer but the 60cx didn't beep or give me a new instruction till 1.5 km from the whites’ rd exit.... thus being too late. If it wasn't so late at night i would have loved to stay in the express and see what it would done... my guess would be to indicate I missed my road and recalculate (if the 60cx does this) me to exit at Brock. For the last several years I have been using a StreetPilot III in the car with Metro guide Canada and more recently City Nav V7. The SP always told me to transfer between the collectors and Express. I have been told City NAV V7 will not work on my 60cx so I reloaded Metro guide. The upgrade has had to wait since I went over budget last week on the geocaching GPS, but glad I did.
  8. Used my 60cx with MG Canada V4 tonight and it does care if your in the collectors or express. If I zzom in it sees where I am, to the lane. In fact it would have let me stay in the express until it was time to exit when of course it would be too late. When I used MG with my street pilot III it did let me know about the express, to the point it got irrating if i moved back and forth as I drove. I only have v7 of City Nav which I am told does not work on the 60CX (have yet to try). I am planneing to upgrade to V8 in the near future so I would be interested in hear it v8 does.
  9. I just happen to have my new 60cx with me her at work, I have the maps from my MetroGuide Canada V4 loaded and will route my self home tonight from Keele st to Pickering and let you know. I know with my Street pilot III with City Nav V7 it knows about the collectors/express lanes.
  10. My appoligies if this is the wrong forum but as I'm not the one selling didn't seem to fit the garage sale forum. Please feel free to move it. Starting on October 3rd till the 15th Princess Auto is selling Ammo boxes (some use as caches) for the sale price of $8.99, regular price is $14.99. These are all metal with a water proof seal. Princess Auto has stores all across Canada and does mail order as well.
  11. knowing nothing about Palm pilots but interested in the paperless thing I have been reading all I can about. Been chcking out Ebay for these things. One unit that keeps coming up is the Palm IIIxe that Timpat mentioned in this thread. When I look on the specs listed on the Ebay page they always list the PC requirerment at Win 95/98 or win NT. Do these work with Win XP? TIA
  12. Thanks guys I was looking on ebay for a used one since hardware is the same and was surprised to find only one used one. All the rest are new. And the prices aren't that great either compared to GPSCity,etc. Lot's of guys are bidding on new ones and paying the same as if they just order it from authorized venders. Even the used one will go for near new. I might have to buy a new one. Capt. The Garmin $50 rebate also does not work with online auctions, clearly states that on the form, only from retailers.
  13. 1. Garmin Street Pilot III for car and motorcycle. 2. Garmin GPSMao 60cx for geocashing, boating and possiable SP replacement when the time comes.
  14. Forgive me if my answer is incorrect as I am a newbie to the world of geocaching and hand held GPS (have had a streetpilot 3 for a few years in the car) but the 60cx (wich I just got yesterday) does not have altitude like the 60csx so that shouldn'd be a problem. As for the refix after a tunnel, I just used the Garmin webupdater this morning going up to v3.00 which did mention that item. So with out experience I would say that Garmin has issued the fix... if it works or not, time will tell.
  15. Thank you all for your replies. If I can get WAAS then I will but if a deal comes without I won't hesitate to grab it. after getting my first 3 finds this weekend with a friend I have found that I want ot be close but the actual "looking"search is half the fun. as it turns out the original Etrex's that I was looking at went for more than I wanted to pay for a used unit of this nauture. So back to looking. Thanks again.
  16. thanks for the welcome. Your answer helps but was curious about the acuracy of the ETREX itself without WAAS.
  17. I have had a Garmin StreetPilot for a few yeas now for the car but looking at doing some Geocaching. THe SP3 will not do this well as it eats batteries and is big. Looking at 2 Garmin ETREX (yellows), older one does not have WAAS but the other does. Guy at store (that should know GPs's) says that on the newer GPS's that WASS only adds 1-2 feet of acuracy so if the price is right the older one could be better but if WAAS and newer unit adds more than the 1-2 feet described then I will go for that one and pay the difference. Comments? TIA Derek
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