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  1. I made an entry in the PA South Hills cache and was contacted three days later by the cache originator that the entry was too long in their opinion. They threatened to remove my find if I didn't shorten my entry. I was shocked at their rudeness, and confused by their threat (why would they be able to "remove" a find I've logged and left at their cache for the whole world to verify?). None-the-less, I was determined to be cordial and accommodating. I went to edit my entry to find it missing. The message arrived while I was at work, and they removed it before I arrived home??? I received no notice from geocaching.com of this occurrence, and can find no mention of this ability in the rules - or any player conflict resolution for that matter. Now that reposted my find in "shorted form" and met their request, what stops them from deleting my find again? Devin Ross (drossdross)
  2. Now that I've conducted more searches, I'm finding a good deal of effect from body shielding. I can hold the unit close to me and with a slow rotation often lose the signal. The unit works fine through car window glass though. Wonder if that says something about me? What does your comment about having specifics yeilding an answer to what's going on? Sounds like you know of a neat web site or something
  3. The time difference was about an hour, and the area effected was a trail about 200 yards with checks as far as 20' off trail (all in a valley). I had clean signals all the way in. I had nothing on the way out. If I did lose a critical satellite, roughly (typically) how long will it take to pick up a new one(s)? Are the GPS satellite orbits such that there are spots that getting enough satellites in sight for coordinates is rare? Will fresh NiCad batteries improve reception (with their slightly higher voltage and good cold tolerance)? Or is reception largely independent of battery voltage until it actually drops to zero? Devin
  4. I traveled to a geocache under clear skies. When I got there, the narrow valley knocked out the signal - that I expected. But it clouded before I walked out - light clouds. On the way out, I couldn't pick up the sattelites in exact places I had before (down to my same footprints). Will thin clouds knock out the signal? This surprised me. Would batteries effect the pickup - they were colder (60 F) when I finished (76 F when I started)? I have Garmin Legend. Devin
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