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  1. oh , chill out. he's typing in uppercase cuase he;s happy! congrats. i'm happy for you, good luck hetting statred in the addiction!
  2. at the end of the shcool year i'll be getting a palm lifedrive, for only 30 bucks brand spankin new . i have my connections .
  3. i think the farthest i've gone is 15 miles . so far
  4. thanks for shering info, but are there any virtuals?
  5. hello, i was wondering if anyone knows of any cache out in the boundry waters. we went on a canoe trip a few years ago and might be going again in may, so i thought if there are any i would like to find them. thanks any help in advance.
  6. Because I was a premium member, despite that my account on the GC.COM site says I am basic. The forums seem to be a seperate site from the GC.COM main web site. It might be a bug due to the "retooling" of thier web site. My CC on file at PayPal isn't expired at all... ah. i see.
  7. how come then, does your profile on the right of your posts say "group premium members"?
  8. Arndtwe


    get a garmin. some good models would be GPSmap60CSX, GPSmap76CSX, any of the etrex series and a few others but those seem to be the really cactchy ones.
  9. the only absolute needs are GPSr and internet. a good GPS costs about 150 bucks. internet could be free if you go to the library but that would be ridiculus.
  10. nope, ive never seen one before, but ive always told peopple thats what i want. i have seen other cachers in other threads say the same thing bu t never heard of one actually bieng done. i'll have to watch this thread cause i'd be intrested myself.
  11. i think that it would be a waste of time. personally i think the way that the caches are rated is pretty well done. if you really want to do that than just add it to the cache desription. thats just 2 cents worth.
  12. ha! thats funny, when i do a search in 15 miles radius i only get 16 caches.
  13. wouldn't that just be called NTF (ninth to find.
  14. oh come on, you have to tell, its the requirments.
  15. holy crao thats it? mine goes from 800 miles to 20 feet!
  16. the garmin 76 series is really nice, thats what i use . they work geocaching quiet well.
  17. i have two. the first is my first find ever!!! the second is the day i got twelve in one day with no DNF's. thats it.
  18. your unit is not defective. if you cover the anntena or hold it upside down then it will lose its signal. this happens to all units unless it has an external anntena. so, dont worry, just dont cover it and make sure to hold it up.
  19. i dont like them very much either, but i usually just do them, well just becuase... wiat, why do i do them? anyway, i'm not the best at them, i much prefer micros that challenge me, and are in the woods. much better than those urban one's.
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