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  1. yes powerlines CAN cuase this problem.
  2. yes powerlines CAN cuase this problem.
  3. i might be mistaken, but i think not
  4. i noticed today that someone had logged a cache twice. usually that would count them as two finds, but it still says the person has the right number of finds. is this a new thing on geocaching.com?
  5. there is no "magic" number. you are no longer a noob when you feel that you are no longer a noob. no find limit could possibly determine that.
  6. Well, it's better to get pissed off then pissed on.
  7. i think that is an excellent FTF prize. at least compared to mine, all i gave was a rubber chicken! the other day i was FTF on a cache and i got a $25 gift card for olive garden. thats pretty great around here. so, yeah a T_shirt is a great FTF.
  8. I was looking into buying Google Earth plus because it says you can use your GPS in real time on your computer screen. I'm not sure how this would work, since you probably don't have an internet connection while you're in your car. If you find out any information about this, I would really like to know! Thanks! it's easy! all you have to do, is while you have an internet connection, zoom in to all the places you want to go. this saves it in the cache on your computer. then when you are on the road and have your gps hooked up to the computer, you open google earth as you normally would. it will then give you real time tracking. i have not tested this yet so dont take my word for it.
  9. i have 9 FTF's, i got 7 of them yesterday
  10. i was wanting to use a laptop with real time tracking on it. the problem, i cant find any online. i want something that i can download and is free or inexpensive. something that lets me plug in my GPS to the computer while having a signal, than using the computer as my screen. the only real benifit i would get from this is really detailed topo maps and street maps. the laptop i have is a dell, with windows XP. my GPS is the Garmin GPSmap76. thanks for any help!
  11. 12. BTW, i think the record (last time i checked which was a few months ago) is/was 312. with 42 DNF's. now thats insane!
  12. hahaah, sounds like a blast! had a day like that yesterday.
  13. hello, i have a garmin GPSmap 76, and had a question. when i enter waypoints into my GPS the memory says "waypoint memory full" at only 25%. now i know what this means, but was wondering if there is a way to use route and tracklog memory for waypoints so that i hold more than a 1000. thanks for any help in advance!
  14. yes, you should log them as a find. you do not have to go back unless you want to
  15. arrgg!!!! i still cant get this too work! by the way i'm using easy GPS, just to let you know
  16. i just got my usb to serial cord in the mail and i dont know how to use it. ive done everything right i and i still cant get it to work. the cord came with a driver disk and installed it, then i plug in my GPS and nothing happens. usually when it detects new hardware like this, in my computer it says, "removable disc E" or whatever. but nothing happens. what am i doing wrong? i know that computer recognizes new hardware, cuase it gos "beep-boop" evey time i plug it.
  17. where do you find a guid?
  18. no need to go out again, unless you really want to. from the sounds of it, your off to a better start than the majority of people.
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