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  1. Hi Rhino. I think the time to meet is 6 PM. Please double check and let me know. This web site seems to sugest that we should meet at 6PM SA time. http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone/usa/pacific-time/
  2. Cool. Durban is on the map. I will get the co-ordinates of Nelson Mandela square in Sandton. Maybe we can take the geocaching photo infront of the statue. That should get the international geocahers talking. Once I have the co-ordinates, then I will create the event.
  3. Ok, got some more info from PodCacher.com Several are already published. Please use the initials WWFM in your event title, so we can see them all by doing a single search at gc.com. Thanks! This planning document (the link we sent in the last email) http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=d3vxrg4_83gcbzqx will be updated to give you more info. Any suggestions of a safe place (with secure parking) in JHB / Midrnad to host this event.
  4. We coming down to P.E. this Decmeber. Any cachers down there that would like to meet up? And would like someone to show me to the beacon cache down there. Will be our 3rd attempt to find that one. Also looking forward to the Van Staden Flower cache. Traces of the fire that swept through there should be gone by then. Any other great caches down there?
  5. Fair advice but keep in mind that you'll be standing in line with loads of people all eager to do the 'latest and greatest' out there. Hmm, I'm not sure I can agree on this one... I operated (and still do) in the so-called 'dead' zone for many Yep Cobol and the other languages are still around, but I think that there is no longer active development done using those languages. Most of the new development is done either in .Net or Java (and PHP). Although the older languages could have high paying jobs, it would be more in line with maintaining these systems.
  6. Got some feedback from Podcacher.com. I have been added Cach Mob mailing list. If interested email them on podcacher@gmail.com add wwfm to the subject, and ask to be added to the mailing list. Sunny and Sandy have contacted geocaching.com, and asked them for their input. Hopefully this becomes a new type of event. They will let us know once they have more. From their email the following is of interest: First, in case you haven't heard, these events are currently being reviewed by Groundspeak. Several reviewers have given this response to some of you who have already tried to publish your event. We have also contacted Groundspeak directly and are waiting for a response. We will let you know as soon as we hear something. In the meantime, you may want to hold off on submitting any new WWFM events for review. We'll send out more info on the flash mob event soon, but in the meantime, if you are new to this whole concept, you could listen to show 105 and check out the links to get an idea of what it was like http://www.podcacher.com/?p=410 You could also look at this forum thread: http://www.podcacherforums.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=854 and this planning document from last time http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=d3vxrg4_83gcbzqx Will keep everyone posted, when I hear more. Regards Anton
  7. I have never set up an event yet, and am still a little green when it comes to geocaching, but I am willing to host the one for JHB. I am a bit uncomfterble to host one in a high muggle area, as I don't have a very boastful personality. What theme are we going to do? I am thinking along the lines of a bandanna around the head. And maybe a prerequisite is that each team must swap a TB at the event. Where is a good spot in JHB to host such an event? Sandton Square? Could we maybe get a quick reply with a "Game for it" / "To much trouble" from teams reading these posts if the would attend one of these events if one were to be set up in a town / city close to you? Regards Anton
  8. Hi I just completed listening to a podcast 125 from www.Podcacher.com. Link: http://www.podcacher.com/ Download Show 125. MP3: http://media.libsyn.com/media/podcacher/PodCacher071003.mp3 In the show they talk about a "World Wide Flash Mob" gathering (wwfm for short) where they are trying to get together 5000 geocahers all over the world to join in this event. Do a search on Google for "Flash Mob" and you will see a little more info of what this is about. Shall we as South African geocachers, join them in this world wide event?? The whole event lasts 15 minutes (exactly!), with a group photo at the end, and this event happens at exactly the moment all over the world. We can organize a meeting place in all the major centers, and they get logged as events on geocaching.com. (Do a search on gc.com for "Flash" and see some previous event examples.) Everyone that signs the logbook at the event gets it as a find. The event needs to take place at exactly 9AM Pacific time, which makes it 6PM SA time (see http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.com/time-zone.../pacific-time/) for details). Have a look at some photos on Flickr of a past event: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sonnyandsandy...57600236924393/ So.... how about it, shall we attempt to join them in the world wide event? Hopefully someone, from each city, can host each gathering such as Capetown, PE, Durban, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Pretiora, Nelspruit, Tzanine? Maybe the event at Tzanine on the 10th can become a local and international event (GC166B4). I have requested more info from Podcacher.com, and will update the info here when I get it. Maybe we can attempt to have a common theme between all the South African flash mob event? Suggestions? (at a monumnet, wear a scarf, etc etc.) Regards Anton
  9. Hi One of two main routes to go. Either Linux/Unix or Microsoft. I myself work in a Microsoft environment. The new age programming language is .net and there essentially are two languages used here in S.A. the one is c# (which I am starting to use) and the other is VB.net. c# is based on Java, and C (or so I hear) and has taken the best of both languages. I am relatively new to C#, and really starting to love it over my VB6 / ASP3 development tools. Microsoft has made available a free version of the c# development environment, for the hobbyist, and could get you started. There are also free/ open source IDEs available for the .Net framework. If you need more info, let me know. Regards Anton
  10. What would early be? 6AM? Will breakfast be available (at own cost of course)? I will also bring a laptop with USB cable. If someone requires Serial cables, bring it with, with software, and I can help. Regards Anton
  11. Hi Since Super sport might not capture the event , why don't we try and do it ourselves ? I am pretty sure that most geocachers will have access to a video camera. If I could get the footage after the event, I will create a DVD video of the event. The effect I am thinking of is along the lines of the Blair-witch Project . And maybe have a preamble where the kids can explain, in their own terms, what geocaching is. And a closing of where a individuals can chat about their most memorable cache they have done. I have a few DV tapes at home, which I could give a tape to a team that they can film on during the event, and then give the tape back to me afterwards. Also if someone is maybe interested in doing some interview questions, and some shooting of the event itself that would be great. I am planning to do some filming, but not to be too active with regards to the filming of the whole event. Once the DVD is completed (I expect it to take about 4 weeks), then we could distribute it via the caches. or get it from a central location. Any thoughts? additional ideas? or camera person's willing to shoot? Regards Anton
  12. Will attempt the clues, and see what we can figure out. Regards DamhuisClan
  13. Been thinking of the idea of playing scrabble using geocaches. Have not thought through all the details, but the idea is: 1) That there are 3 to 5 scrabble tiles in a cache. 2) Each player has another 3 tiles. 3) Each letter (as in scrabble) has a pre-defined score. 4) From the 8 pieces, a word must be made. 5) At least one tile from the cache must be used, and at least one tile from the geocacher must be used. 5) This word must be added to the log in the geocache. (Proof you created the word there!) 5) This score, with the word is then added to the geocache page. This gives the other players an indication of which letters are possibly available in the cache. This allows one to plan which cache to go and visit. 6) If two or more players are at the same cache (at the exact same time) they could combine letters, but only score 70% (or so) of the total score. (word must contain letter from each geocacher and cache itself) 7) One can then also exchange one's tiles with those in the cache. 8) This could be interesting as effervescent tablet containers (big micros) could play with in the game. If there is an interest we would need to come up with scoring system (scoring same as scrabble), and who / what can create tiles. I seem to like the idea of everyone being able to create their own tiles, but I think this is open to abuse. As people would create their own tiles to suit their needs. It might be a idea to have scrabble pickup points at some big locations, where you can get your tiles, which are then used at other point. Any case ... it is just an idea ... wondering what the response will be like. Regards Anton (DamhuisClan)
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