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  1. Hey Y.A.S.S. , glad to hear you are doing better now and hane left hospital. Great that someone gave you a little part of your great work back and made you happy
  2. Great idea....would it be a separate mission or would it be a part of this one?
  3. Thanks for your help ELTADA. I did everything exactly like you wrote it...now i can only wait and hope EDIT: It works
  4. Can´t wait to start. Quite new to missions (it´s just my second), but it´s such a lot of fun... For such occasions i tried to make a seeking-list....but how do i get the link into my signature? I tried two ways: First i posted the link in my signature, but it doesn't work Second i tried to do it with html, but i wasn't abled to see it in my signature, too:-( Can anybody help me?
  5. My english is not that good, but what i understand sounds very good and i take part
  6. First i wanted to take 8 green, but acasim was faster with the 8, so i will take 17. Green Thanks for the cointest!
  7. It´s the Chicken FTF Geocoin -->Click!
  8. My deepest condolences Turlutortue. It´s always terrible if loved people have to leave us.
  9. I´m quite new in this forum, but all the empathy and kindness here deeply impressed me. I´m proud to be a new part of this great community. You are all amazing And Y.A.S.S. , i hope your test have a good end for you and you will leave hospital soon. Thank you all for being what you are...
  10. It´s the "6 jahre geoclub.de" / "6 years geoclub.de" geocoin More about it: here or HERE
  11. Uiiii....i got one from a trade on an event. It´s the Green on Silver version and i can only repeat what many people wrote before: They are soooo beautiful
  12. Beautiful Coin. Congrats to all recipients.
  13. How long does the cointest run? If it´s still running if i´m back from Project Game Megaevent i will try to do some icons Best regards Dark Elf
  14. It´s a beautiful coin, so i will try to take part before driving to Project Game Megaevent Best regards Dark Elf
  15. My first mission and it was a great experience I spend a while in hospital and when i arrived at home, i found an envelope in my mailbox.... ....and when i opened it i was speechless: In the envelope was more a kind of artwork than a letter. I never received such a beautiful card before and so i took it in my hands every 5 minutes,because i wasn´t able to stop looking on it Thanks for this beautiful mission Chickahominy, i love the compass roses
  16. Dark Elf

    MWGB Egg

    New day, new chance: Copper 25 coins Gold 50 coins Nickel 100 coins
  17. Dark Elf

    MWGB Egg

    Copper 25 coins Gold 75 coins Nickel 125 coins
  18. OH WOW, that looks impressive Never saw such a lot of coins on one place I´m very jealou that i wasn´t able to attend , but who would let a 16years-old travel alone to the usa ....maybe in a few years Thanks for posting the pics BrierPatch, they are great Dark Elf
  19. Hmmm, all these beverages look very good , but in germany you can´t find them in the markets Seems like i have to travel to the usa when i´m 18, to have a taste of them
  20. Heyyyy....another diabetic in the forum....i´m not alone type I or II ? Best regards Dark Elf
  21. Hmmm...my favorite beverage...thats difficult.... i think it´s fanta wolrd brasil or sprite But most of the time I drink the good old water
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