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  1. Thank you for this funny cointest and congrats to the winners
  2. I try to explain in my listing, that the cachers don't need to destroy the area next to the cache, to find it. But there are still some people, which tear apart the whole forrest, if i write as hint: "covered with moss". Of coure i don't write "covered with moss", because i only have german hints, so i write: "unter Moos"
  3. I don't have much ideas left, but i try to find new ones Would be great to see a mailer in my mailbox after a long time So, how about a YemonYime?
  4. Congrats LadyBee4T and "Carpe Diem "
  5. Don't know the name, but google said, it's called: Compass Roses Beauuuutiful coin
  6. Lots of people are helping while our CITOs: And even the littelest have fun
  7. Of course me and the people i go caching with do not leave our waste in the forrests. If there is nor bin, we put it in a plasticbag and take it with us
  8. Pirates of Harriman V Geocoin - Call of the Kraken
  9. Congrats Then the list is: Woodstock: 007 - mar-elendili 060 - ice13-333 Charlie Brown: 075 - mousekakat Would be great if the other recipients post their numbers too
  10. I already have a MGM Coin, but i know someone who really deserves one and loves the pathtag, but isn't active at the forum anymore and had some trouble so i will take part here and if i win, i will send it to the person I held two CITOs last years and plan to hold 1 or 2 this year. But thats not enough. The areas here are somtimes very dirty. Everywhere paper, zigarrets and other trash If i see sth. like this while caching, i collect it, if its not too big to carry and put it in a bin. But unfortunately some caches are full of rubbsih/trash, too. People put defect cigarette lighters, fireworks and so on in caches and they are found by children, too If i see this in caches i take it with me and place some swag instead of the rubbish And i'm not the only one...some others here in this area also collect the rubbish and try to clean the nature. But it's a pitty, that most of the cachers don't care about the nature And if you try to tell them that it's wrong what they are doing, they don't listen. So everything we can do is to clean the cache-areas and the nature in general while caching. Practise CITO while caching and not only at the events Thank you very much for this cointest and for saving the nature!
  11. But you are not wrong All informations are here: http://www.pathtags.com/
  12. Maybe you have my most desired coin: A Geocoin Collecting Coin in antique copper
  13. Maybe you are very generous and give away an Anasazi Spirit Dweller
  14. Looks like you have also seen Dead Poets Society :D
  15. Maybe it could be a march of the penguien in antique silver
  16. Awesome coin. Simple design, but wonderful Know carpe diem from the film 'death poets society'
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