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  1. I'm sorry about your father, too, Rockin Roddy. Your father is now the most important thing, so take you all the time you need....hope everything will go well
  2. Congrats snowball 58, sunsetmeadowlark, JohnMac56 and Team CeDo. Now i am excited about who will win
  3. Hmmm...just red it , but decided not to try it...or anyhow not at my home Another problem in doing it would be to find a person, who trustes me. After all the jokes i have done this could be the most difficult part in doing it....
  4. Uiii...nice...can you post a pick of the other side, too?
  5. I thought long about it and i couldn't limit it to 5... 1.)Geocoin Collecting Geocoin - Antique Chopper 2.)Mickey Diver Mystery Geocoin 3.)The Wishing Coin 4.)Mystical GreenMan Mystery-Coin 5.)Geocache Bandit Mystery Geocoin 6.)The Wizard Mystery Geocoin 7.)JR 20 Flaming Pool Ball Geocoin - Black Nickel I don't think that i will ever get one of these But there are sooo many other nice coins out there...
  6. Congratz fairyhoney, the coin looks beautiful ....how is it called?
  7. Ahem...a stupid question: my english is not that good....can anybody explain what "more outgoing" means?
  8. Hi Khal, one possibility is the forum adress book :Click! But there are many mysterious ways for the mysterie coiners to find out adresses ....i don't know how they do it, but i hope one day a mystery coin will find his way in my mailbox
  9. Ouch difficult question My collection is just small (24 unactivated and 6 activated), so i think it does't weigh much... ....i think the unactivated are 40gramm the piece, so it's nearly a kilo. Now i'm exited about what the others of you will write
  10. Congrats Erica-opoly, the stamps are sooo sweet
  11. Maybe the D stands for Disney....?!? Congrats Vargseld? ™, you received a wonderful coin
  12. Beautiful new mystery coin. i like dragon-coins. Congrats to all recipients !
  13. The front is not my fall , but i like the beautiful backside Good work!
  14. I'm looking for an Abomination Book Geocoin, because i traded my old one away and then i noticed how much i liked this coin I can unfortunately only offer money... Hope one of you can help me Best regards from Germany Dark Elf
  15. 2 Kurt Busch Don't know much about nascar.....and here in germany it's not on tv......
  16. If possible, i take part, too. But if i take part in both missions, how do i know which one of the boxes is the one i receive? are they marked different? Is there a "1" or a "2" on it?
  17. Hmmm... ... few months ago in school there was a time in which nearly everyone is class thought it's funny to put a puddle of water on the chair of all the other, so they might sit in and become wet. I first thought: This is sooo childish.... ...but a few days later my mind changed and now i thought: When everybody does, why shouldn't i do it, too? So i put water on exactly three chairs: The one of Jens, who sits next to me; the one of Paul, who sits in front of the teacher and the one of Dirk, who sits directly in front of me. And then it happened: Jens and Paul, who both know about the water, went to the bck of the class and fetched another chair to sit on. But Dirk was on toilett and a minute later the teacher, Mrs. Niethammer, arrived and started going around the class to controle the homework. Mrs. Niethammers bad luck was that i wrote a very long text this day and she wanted to read it....but because she wanted to read it while sitting on a chair she sat on the next unoccupied....the one of Dirk with the water on it. So as she got up again, the whole backside of her trousers was wet and she has not noticed it. I think she wondered a little bit, why the hole class was laughing every time, when she turned around to write something an the blackboard This was the first think what comes in my mind, when i should tell a family friendly prank
  18. Dark Elf

    MWGB Egg

    Wikipedia says: The Theory of Evolution says that species change over time in the process of evolution. Since DNA can be modified only before birth, a mutation must have taken place at conception or within an egg such that an animal similar to a chicken, but not a chicken, laid the first chicken egg. In this light, both the egg and the chicken evolved simultaneously from birds who weren't chickens and didn't lay chicken eggs but gradually became more and more like chickens over time. So i would say the egg was first
  19. Who would not do crazy things for this coin?
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