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  1. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!!!! And you didn't think you had a chance .................. send me your info Thanx Everyone. It was time to put this to rest. PEACE Eartha, Do your thing !!!!!!!!!!!! My answer was right? Wauuwiie, that's great. Thanks fot the great cointest, i liked to icon part, too Mail sent
  2. Tony's parents mortgaged their house so that Tony could go race Go-Karts, even though you don't earn any money in Go-Karts.
  3. Sounds interesting and difficult....and just like i have no chance :laughing:
  4. Mail sent for novermber. There are less novermber-babys here, or?
  5. Wow, seems like you all had a lot of fun Some of you brought more coins home from GCF than i have in my collection
  6. Great idea for a cointest. But i can't play, because there is no Thanksgiving in germany
  7. 4 DAYS? that's nothing. For me it's 5 WEEKS
  8. edited to add I think I got the deutsch correct, but I managed to mispell sorry Your german is very good It's not perfect, but german is a very difficult language to learn and every german people can understand what you mean My respect for people who try to learn it.
  9. WAAUUUUWIIEEE, love the reaper coin the copper finish looks great. What a pity that i can't attend to GCF or Cacheapalooza to see one of them
  10. It was quite boring here in germany, so i did another mash....with baby-heads. THE BABY MASH
  11. Many coins are designed by geocachers, but some are designed by the shops, too. And some cachers have their personal coins and there are many places, where coins are made I can't really say something about the motivation to make a coin, because i haven't made my own yet. But i love all the coins i own and because of that i keep many of them at home, because it would nearly broke my heart to see them go missing. But it's a great feeling, too, to see a traveled coin come back to you Unfortunately many coins go missing, because caches are muggled or some inexperienced coiners keep them, cause they don't really know what to do with them and how to log them. Hope you can understand my english
  12. I have the Celtic Tree of Life (green enamel on silver) and i would really like to help you, but it's my only tree of life and i want to keep one in my collection Hope that you will find someone to trade
  13. The guys in the video are all cachers and friends of mine Ca't stop laughing while watching the video :)
  14. I tried it, too. Hope the greenman will forgive me, that i took him as 5th picture :) Here is it:
  15. Anything new? Has my mission arrived?
  16. Congrats opalsns and mar-elendili. You deserve it Maybe one of the bats will find it's way to germany
  17. Heyyyyooo....Congrats to all recipients wonderful coin
  18. and so it begins.... yepp, thats right
  19. I vote for #1, because it's simple and beautiful It catched my eye first
  20. Heya....welcome to the addiction called geocoins There are some shops, which sell coins. And sometimes here are some "blowout"-sales on the forum, in which some coiners give away coins for less money Here are some of the shops, which mint and sell coins : Click! Best, Dark Elf
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