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  1. This was in our street I love squirrels
  2. This was taken at my lasz zoo-visit:
  3. Congrats Whitby, maybe a second one will find it's way to Germany
  4. Wohooo....the prize arrived today. There were three wonderful coins in the envelope: A Cachin Crow 2009 A Cache Movers Gold A Braving the Briars Gold Thank you soooo much opalsns for the great cointest and the wonderful prize
  5. I knew that you would receive one of them! I was right.....I said it Congrats. You really deserve it
  6. Looks great. Congrats to all recipients
  7. We have a little castle here in Münster and there are lots of caches near it. This was taken while making one of the caches at night: And this is it at daytime:
  8. Wauwwii Congrats crazybear and honey. It's great to see the Reaper in Germany, but it's very bad, that i don't have a car, so i can't get to the caches the Reaper visits But nevertheless I'm happy that you found one of them crazybear and honey Maybe the Reaper will come near my area, so i can reach the coin with my bike...
  9. This is the promenade of my hometown Münster in autumn: There are tons of bikes on it every day and it goes around the whole city. And this is the promenade in summer:
  10. And this one was taken on a holiday in bavaria: It's a beautiful sea there and there is even a cache. And this one is the same sea...just nearer on the water and from an other side :
  11. I took these three on a caching trip one year ago
  12. Found this three guys near a highway in germany
  13. And this is the Rheibfall in swutzerland. I visited it 1 year ago.
  14. Took this one in a bird-park near my hometown:
  15. Some more pics i took in the last winter by caching
  16. This one was taken two months ago:
  17. Uaaaahhh,,,,,my last two pics were too big.....i tried to get these next two a bit more ibn size:
  18. heyo....thats great And the netherlands are near germany. ^^ Hope to meet the reaper or The Bell Witch one day....or one of their beauties , but its not easy without a car
  19. Wauwieee, Congrats UFgatorgirl. You deserve this beauiful coin
  20. You deserve it too, my friend. If one of them comes here i will cut it into two halves and send one of them to greece :D
  21. Participating - Yes, email sent 10/17/09 Name Received Outgoing package Mailed Incoming package Received
  22. South....and west......It's bat-season in germany
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