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  1. I'm glad you are commited to this. I hope you find a good spot!
  2. First of all, you should invest in a good GPS unit. Brouwse aroudn the boards,, specifically the GPS and Technology board for some suggestions. Next, you may profit from visiting this page. It has some good techniques. http://geocacher-u.com/content/view/12/33/1/5/ Be patient, sometimes it takes some practice. Don't worry, you'll find some in know time! I wish you luck!
  3. I ahve heard that unit as well is a great bargain for the price you pay. It's really accurate and has a great bright color screen. Abosolutely can't go wrong with this unit. I personally use the Garmin eTrex Legend. It's a good unit and the price is very reasonable. It's accurate and the interface is really easy to use too. If you're looking for a good quality unit a good affordable below $200 price, youc an't go wrong with this.
  4. For sure! I have run into a few people using car GPSs that don't work all that great. I would say, at a $200 budget, a Garmin Etrex Legend is a good choice. That's what I have started with and I know a ton of cachers that use this model as well. It's an easy interface to use and it's pretty accurate. I have have a pleasure geocaching with it so far. Ask a lot of other cachers and you will get 99.9% of the time nothing but great comments! The price is great too! If you have any more questions regarding this unit, feel free to contact me Below I have given you the link to the garmin page explaining it in detail! I hope you find a good unit soon and happy caching! https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=173
  5. Yes! If you cannot get permission though or don't want to, you can still hide cache surrounding the bridge if that's the aspect you were hope to show cachers. This would work as well.
  6. As MM said, you can't. You can only request maintenace, write a not maybe, contact the owner. To add, if by chance that the cache has been disabled or neglected for so much time, and I mean a long time, you may post a needs archived log. That is only under extreme circumstances. If you think the cache owner dosn't want to maintain it but you do, contact him and see if he will give you privelages to maintain it. I've seen people place caches, then move away, and then ask someone to maintain them for them. Hope this helps!
  7. Oh that page, okay that makes more sense. Sorry for the misundestanding. It works okay for me. The details should appear on the right hand side of the map. It takes a few seconds though. So, all you have to do is click and maite a sec or so. If not, it's probably your computer. If it's of great inconvenence, I would contact Groundspeak and ask about it 'cause it may be a glitch with who knows what... Hope this helps!
  8. I found this this one in my area and I thought it would be a creative suggestion. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...93-5cbfb917b1b4
  9. This is what I use for my caches http://geocacher-u.com/content/blogcategory/33/58/
  10. There are many threads stickied at the top of this forum that explain etiquette and how the forum works. Thaking the time to review them are greatly appreciated and may give a bit more info. If oyu are unsure, the best thing to do would the to PM one on the moderators and ask them. They will gladly help you as to regards of posting policies Here is a link to the Geocaching.com Geocoin FAQ. http://www.geocaching.com/track/geocoinfaq.aspx
  11. Finding Geocoins near your home can be an easy procedure if you are a premium member. All you do is Create a pocket query requesting all caches near your home co-ordinates with trabelbugs/geocoins. Then it will generate all of the caches in that area. Although, I do see that you are not a premium member. First of all, I may not know completely what you are talking about regarding the coin images on the map. It dosn't show coin images when you are looking thru google maps. What you have to do is go to your Account page and clikc on search caches near my home co-ordinates. Then it will list the caches. Some iwll have little images next to the cahe name that refer to geocoins. If I have misunderstood, feel free to tell me so so I can assist you further on this issue.
  12. Some come included with their proper containers. You can also buy special waterproof paper that works good for this cache type. Click on the resource below. It could be fairly helpful Enjoy! http://geocacher-u.com/content/blogcategory/32/57/
  13. The server burped out another topic. This can be ignored. Original topic posted at the below url. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=205149
  14. Congratulations on hiding five cahces! May I suggest possible doing a multi-cache around the bridge? Since you were thinking of doing it in one general area, it may work a bit better. You could explain a little bit about the bridge at each part of it along with the next-co-ordinates Also, I think this may be a bit more approproate in the Canada board. Thanks for posting!
  15. In order to update your cache stats, you must regenerate them. Hope this helps!
  16. Thank you so much for all of your help!
  17. I have asked myself this many times...Right now I have to use a USB Serial converter for my PDA and GPS as they are both Serial. I guess I'll have to get used to it...Most newer units provide a USB connetion. Maybe check out the gamrin site, they may have some usb cords for their older units.
  18. I personally use combination of GSAK and Cachemate. It seems to be everything I have abrgained for and it works great! Here is a great tutorial. http://www.floridacaching.com/index.php?op...20&Itemid=9
  19. That's right! I fugured this out the hard way when my Dad borrowed my GPS and changed the format.
  20. Server burped. Can be deleted/locked.
  21. Thank you! How do I register, on the downlaod website?
  22. I'm filing that into my memory bank. I know, pretty cool idea eh? I would use it if my work lock was longer. I just thought of this idea... Give co-ords to road signs and say - Record the second letter in this sign and that will construct a word. It may take too long though. I'm looking for something that will not give away that it's locked.
  23. Very nice abreviations! Perhaps you should contact some of the glossary and abreviation 'keepers' so that they can add this! Good Work!
  24. Those are all brilliant ideas! I love them! It may be hard to choose... Thanks alot! I'm buying my ammo can tonighgt I believe, so I leave this thread open for any other suggestions that come to mind to anyone.
  25. I have just downlaoded CacheMate and have discovered the limit on 10 caches. I am going to purcahse the full version for unlimited caches. Which is the proper download? How do I proceed afterwards? Thanks! Zac
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