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  1. I only check on my own DNF's. I want to find out if someone esle has found it after I couldn't. Maybe they'll drop a hint when the log it. Sometimes I get the feeling they didn't actually find it at all, by what they said in their log.
  2. I just download mine into a folder on my desktop. Then I'll either double-click on them from that folder, or open them from EasyGPS. good luck....
  3. Iowa Army National Guard from '88-'94, then another year in '96/'97. Mechanic in a trans unit (1133rd trans Co). Desert Sheild/Storm from November '90-May '91. Lots of good memories and some close friends out of it.
  4. I have a Garmin eTrex Legend and shows distances in feet when you get under 0.1 miles.
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