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  1. tech question. I've been using a usb to serial adaptor to connect my GPS to the computer. I was using Windows ME and it all worked great. I upgraded to WinXP Home Edition last week, finally gotten around to getting the GPS hooked up and guess what. Mapsource can't find the GPS and GSAk gives me this message:


    GARMIN: can't init COM3.


    of course, the usb to serial is setup using com3.


    I just can't figure out why all this crap don't wanna work together. I never had any problems using any of this stuff with ME, but everything has gone all hinky with XP. I've figured out most of it, but i'm having real trouble with this one. Any help?



  2. Was confronted by a corrections officer one time while logging a find outside a minimum security prison. Told him the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Then I showed him the corrections officer trading card (looks just like a baseball card) that was in the cache. No more problems after that.


    When my partner in crime and I do a Cache Machine we always dress in our desert cammies and tactical vests. One of the last caches we did on the Spokane Cache Machine was on a boardwalk at the Cour d'Alene Resort. Did I mention it was apparently prom night? We got some weird looks and even had a picture taken by resort staff. The best part was that when we got to the cache location (which was crowded), a couple that was enjoying the scenery of the lake asked us, very quietly, if we were looking for a bomb. Again, we used the truth. Only took about 20 minutes to convince them that we were not a bomb squad unit looking for a bomb.


    Hmmmm, I guess honesty is the best policy.

  3. Check out the Garmin GPS V. Got everything you want (except for the altimeter) and its real easy to use. You can get a great deluxe package for about 325 if you look in the right places. Ordered mine from the internet but don't remember what site.


    I've been using it for a couple months now and I love it. Package is definitely worth the money. You get the pc interface cable, auto adapter, dashboard mount, mapping software, and the actual unit of course. Check it out.

  4. If anyone is interested I've got an HP Jornada (forget the actual model number) Pocket PC. Color screen, sound. It comes with a Pharos GPS, auto power adaptor, usb cradle with power cord, mapping software, screen cover, stylus, and a couple extra screen protectors. I'm also throwing in Delorme xmap handheld edition. It's much better than the mapping software that shipped with the unit. It all runs on Windows OS. The only thing that's missing is the actual windows cd that shipped with it. I don't need the mapping capabilities (or the other 90% of things it can do) since I got my new GPS and I'm wanting something simpler. I'm looking for something running a Palm OS. I really don't care how old, just as long as its in decent shape. I'll also sell it, but don't really know for how much. If you want it, make me an offer. Shoot me an email at: Screed92@aol.com. Put Jornada in the subject line so I don't inadvertently delete it. Thanks.

  5. I'm using a HP Jornada (forgot the model number) with a Pharos GPS and running Delorme Xmap. Nice patch that Delorme has lets me load topo maps onto the PPC. Pretty nice setup but topos take too long to draw, so usually just stick with the street level stuff.


    I'm looking for geocaching software that'll run on a windows based palm with an SH3 processor. I've looked at all sorts but haven't found any that are compatible. I think I screwed myself getting the HP. Probably would've been better with a Palm V or something else running the Palm OS. Any suggestions for software?

  6. I use an HP Jornada with a Pharos GPS unit and Delorme XMap to route my way around town. It ain't worth a darn in bright sunlight either but it's great for what I use it for. Like everything else, you have to decide what you want to use it for. I use my etrex yellow outside the car for the walking or biking legs of the journey. Just figured I'd throw another option to ya. Nice wife, too. Trying to convince mine to agree with me on getting a Garmin GPS V.

  7. I'm coming up on 200 finds with the etrex yellow. I really like it. I'm getting ready to upgrade only because I plan on doing more with my gear. All said, it's a good starter unit. Check out www.gpscity.com. They've got good prices on new equipment. I think they have free shipping as well.

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