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  1. I owe a big Thank You to caydensmum for the wonderful, thoughtful box of goodies! First: the coin. How cool is that kitty! I enjoy registering trackables, creating stories for them and setting them free to see where they'll go; but this one will like need a proxy. It's too nice to put out in the wild! Second: the pies in honor of Pi Day events. You might notice that the package in the photo is open because not all the pies survived the unboxing part of Halloween. Jimky and I had to try a few, you know, just to see what they were like. Yum! And last, but definitely not the least: Snacks, cookies, and greeting cards to include with the donations from our 5th Annual Share the Love event. GC8MAMA We donated your wonderful surprises when we visited the Western Kentucky Veterans Center with the carload (really!) of goodies from Geocachers. I know they'll enjoy eating the treats and sending the cards to their loved ones. All in time for Veterans Day in the U.S.!
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