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  1. So as the title above says: My Magellan Explorist GC GPS will not receive any programming downloads of GPS sites from the geocaching.com website anymore. My computer doesn't seem to even recognize it at all. This GPS shows on its screen that it is connected to my computer. But nothing happens when I try to download a cache site GPS info to it. It has been like that for some time. Years, in fact. More than one computer as well. Otherwise I can manually program in a location for a site. And it still takes me to a site okay. Just can't get any recognition from the computer. It used to be able to program the sites just fine originally. But it suddenly stopped some years back after a different computer had to be bought when the first one quit working or went bad, I forget. And I can't find any way to update the GPS. Although I saw on some answer and question site, I forget what it was called, that someone said the long awaited update had finally arrived for that Explorist GC. But I can't find it anywhere. And I can't even get on the Magellan website anymore either. SO DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT GIVES WITH THIS ? Or has Garmin managed to take over the whole GPS business now and left poor Magellan in the dust and bushes ?
  2. I have been having the same problem. Geocaching.com treats me like they have never heard of this. They give a bunch of junk solutions that have NO relation to the reality that Windows 10 just does not recognize my Magellan Explorist anymore. I have tried contacting Magellan and they give the same run around with junk solutions. They even told me to get a computer with a lesser program so I could download onto my Explorist again. Great solution. MICROSOFT IS THE PROBLEM. THEY KEEP RUINING THEIR PROGRAMS AND EXPECT US TO HAVE TO DEAL WITH THEIR RESULTS. THEN THEY SPEND SEVERAL YEARS CORRECTING THEIR NEW PROBLEMS THAT HAVE BEEN CREATED UNTIL THEY MAYBE GET THEM FIXED. THEN THEY COME OUT WITH THE NEXT VERSION OF MICROSOFT # WHATEVER AND START THE PROCESS ALL OVER AGAIN. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT FOR MICROSOFT !!!
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