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  1. I am thinking about Placing a Scuba cache,i was wondering if anyone had any tips or share their experiances if they have made or found a Scuba cache. this is how the cache will work:


    1. the container would be waterproof

    2. it would need a key to remove if from its site (it will chained to s fixed object to prevet it from drifting away)

    3. the key would be on a travle bug which would stay withen 25 kilometer's of the cache

    4. the Coordinats would lead you to the entry point for the dive, Compass bearings will be on the cache page.


    thats about the amount of infomation i want to share, i have a few more tricks up my sleave.


    Also the appx depth of the cache is 11 meters,

    the cache is located veary close to a dive shop. but this cache is not ment to be a commercial cache. its for conveinace and also the dive shop trains people in the bay where it will be located. so they can tell me if it breaks.


    What suggestions do you have for container. i was thinking an otterbox, but they dont come in a big enough size. do you know any alternatives.


    Thank you

  2. I agree Fully with Bad CRC, micros need to have their own listing section. and the distance between micro and normal cache should be smaller. also micros in non-urban areas should not be allowed. This is because stealth is not fun for me. you look like a fool when your on your knees looking for a film canister

  3. First of all i recomend GSAK because its a great program also because you a PM you can either make a PQ and hope that you get the caches you want emailed to you OR book mark the caches you want the go to the bookmark managemnt page and click generate PQ then set it to run once and check the day of the week you want it to arrive at your email.

  4. There is one cacher in my area, who FTF'S every cache. he is a driver and i know how he does it. because i have a driver aswell.


    being a limo driver has to be the best geocaching job because.


    they have a GPS with mapping for there car

    they have PDA's for keeping records

    they have crackberrys other like devices


    so when a cache is published they get an email sent straight to them and then, when they have time between jobs they can drive over there and get it.

    im sorry if i have offended anyone in this post, im not trying to make a sterotype or anything.

  5. i ALWAYS take something and leave something, even if its just junk i do it to tidy up the caches. because of Mr "x" wants to leave Mc Donalds junk in a cache thats his choice but i will trade better items for worse ones so that ither caches can realise that Swag is important and should be thought about for longer then 5 seconds. but still i dont leave expensive things, mostly mini torches and crab's of commertive coins.

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