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  1. You can't purchase any single maps anywhere for Garmin receivers. You must purchase the entire disc of TOPO USA by Garmin.
  2. At the tightest, on my house, it was the same exact photo as Google Earth, and USA photomaps. But much slower...
  3. If you mount it on your dash, you won't need an external antenna in most vehicles. You don't need voice prompts! They are nice, but not necessary. I did just fine for years with my Garmin V. It just beeped at you also. You glance at it, and see which way to turn and how far away. Then, it beeps again right before the turn. Not a bit of trouble. You will need City Select for this performance.
  4. Garmin Foretrex 101 2.6 oz! And I have removed 1/4 of that by taking off the velcro wrist strap. Plus whatever 2 AAA lithium batteries weigh (They are much lighter than alkalines) Beat That!
  5. Anyone buy a copy that now they don't use? alphawolf at networld dot com
  6. I will take $330.00 (firm), you pay shipping and insurance (if you want it) from Utah. No overseas shipments. If you request it, I will load any areas of Garmin Topo or MetroGuide 4.01 that you wish (up to the memory limits) I will take cashiers checks, or PayPal. Cashiers checks will be verified before product is shipped, due to problems with counterfeit checks. My e-mail is alphawolf-at-networld-dot-com.
  7. I've never even looked at the "clock" in these things! I know this much...My GPS gets me where I'm going with superb accuracy, and the timex on my wrist shows me the time with superb accuracy, and beyond that, I've never even considered one doing the others job. Why the loss or gain of time with no satellite lock? I couldn't guess...
  8. Please pardon me, but I have to ask: Are you sure you aren't needing hddd.m.mmm? There is no consumer model that does 3 decimal places for seconds.
  9. If you are using your GPS by itself, then it doesn't make one whit of difference which you are using. BUT...If you are using your GPS with a map, and pulling coordinates off the map for input into your GPS, or putting coordinates from your GPS onto the map, then UTM is by far easier to learn easier to use, and much more user friendly all the way around.
  10. I have bought 2 330s in the last 6 mos. for my grown kids...They are great units...Love 'em!
  11. Yeah, if you are on a freeway or a major secondary road, it can use those to reroute without aditional software. However, if you are on a smaller street, it won't have a clue what to do next...
  12. Assuming you have it loaded with either City Select or City Navigator, yes it will reroute you.
  13. I hope that baby isn't still under warranty! If it is...Rotsa Ruck! I would at least wait until this 530 is your "backup" unit, because chances are, you'll need a backup when it's over. Keep us posted! It sounds like quite a project.
  14. As I've said many times...Give me my Foretrex 101, a compass, a paper map and my grid card and turn me loose! I'll get anywhere with that combination that someone can get to with a $500 60csx and I'll get there just as quick. In fact, I'll get there a lot quicker! You see...I won't be busy posting questions on this forum about, and whining about, all the bugs in my GPS! I won't be busy calibrating my compass, and I won't be busy calibrating my altimeter, and I won't be busy trying to figure out which maps I need to buy from Garmin, how to download them, and posting more questions about the rotten lack of map detail in Mapsource TOPO...Nope, I'll just be happily on my way to wherever I please. You made a great choice! Now...When Garmin releases the equivalent model with the new SiRF III, then watch out baby! I'm all over it!
  15. Hmmm...I think we have a problem here: I don't think that your Etrex Legend has City Select Maps...that is what will give you Autorouting for the streets in your town. The BaseMaps do indeed give you the major highways and interstates,,,but to go to...."123 Smith Blvd" won't happen. That is an addition purchase from Garmin. I think you should visit the Garmin page and look around to get all of the details of your GPSr. Good Luck, I hope it will work out for you! In the meantime...you can still go GeoCaching!! You don't need and don't want City Select with the Legend. You want Metroguide if you decide you want more detail in your city mapping.
  16. No problem...You don't need maps at all to find a cache! I'm not saying they might not help in an are where you don't know the roads, but you sure don't need them!
  17. Nope...You won't get better detail no matter how many satellites you get locked into. The "out of the box" detail is very limited. No smaller roads at all.
  18. They both have identical data. Navigator's maps are bigger geographically speaking. Think of it like this: Imagine 2 identical paper road maps (yes...They still make them!). Fold the first into fourths. Fold the second into sixths. The crease lines in the paper are your area definitions. The information is the same, but it is divided into smaller chunks in Select and larger chunks in Navigator. Does that make any sense, or did I blow the analogy? With the CX and the ability to load lots of maps on big memory cards, I would go with Navigator.
  19. Oh brother...Now I've heard it all. Tell you what... You take a "tool" and I'll take a "toy" and let's see if you get to the coordinates one bit faster than I do. Geeeezzzz...I've heard everything I thought I could hear from GPS customers for 7 years now, but thats the first time I've heard an Etrex called a "toy".
  20. Etrex would be fine for basic anything! It'll get you anywhere the others will, and just as accurately.
  21. Of all the differences between those two units you are comparing, the antenna is absolutely the last thing on the list I would be worrying about. If I put 10 receivers in your hand, 5 with one type of antenna and 5 with the other, and started you towards the same point with all 10, one at a time, you wouldn't be able to seperate them into the 2 groups based on the performance you just witnessed. Anyone that tells you different hasn't ran the drill I just described.
  22. Go Get 'em! Great choice! Too many people getting to enthralled with a bunch of techno-whiz that just causes people a whole bunch of grief! How often do you see "trouble" or "bug" posts about a 101?
  23. Thanks so much! I've been wondering how much memory will be enough, when I get whatever unit I get for back country use. So...It looks like a 24 mb Legend C will be way more than enough memory for any 2 week back packing trip I'll ever take! Thanks again.
  24. Next one up to do maps with USB is the Legend C
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