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  1. The closest locationless cache I have found is the Artesian Well: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=27734 (Google, searching for locationless fountain, restricted to geocaching.com) Czech caching in US.
  2. Re: credit and statistics - if you mean Dan Millers state statistics, there are found and hidden counts summed together. Because you can't get a credit for hiding it, you have to find it. Czech caching in US.
  3. quote:Originally posted by gilkman:When I search for a new cache to hunt, I am essentially "shopping" for one that looks good. I spend time reviewing online logs to assess how pleasureable the cache hunt will be based upon what I'm in the mood for. ll things being equal, I would rather hunt/find a well-maintained cache over a soggy overstuffed junkpile. ok - this would be a reason for _cache_ rating system, which has been also discussed here (although I can't imagine how it could be done with uni-dimensional system). But _cacher_ rating would be somewhat overpolicing, especially when applied to cache finders. Czech caching in US.
  4. quote:Originally posted by gilkman:eBay uses a feedback system to rate buyers and sellers. Perhaps there could be a way for hiders to provide +/- feedback on finders who log the book and/or log/don't log online. [...] gilkman A feedback system is appropriate for an auction site, so you can check sellers credibility before entering into a transaction with it - but what sense would it make here? Making caches available only to people with some minimum feedback? And I bet we would get a lot of complaint threads like 'I traded up and the owner gave me neutral feedback'... etc. etc. Czech caching in US.
  5. My usual round-trip is 3-5 miles, depends on bus/train connections. The longest hike was some 12 miles in Harriman St. Park, 2 days with 2 kids, 2 caches. If you ever come to Germany, geocaching.de has a small selection of long hike caches in their "Laengere Wanderungen" section - typically around 20km: http://home.debitel.net/user/geocaching/caches.shtml#5 Czech caching in US.
  6. You just can't do the virtuals which require a photo of the cacher holding a GPS as a confirmation.
  7. On the other hand, there are people finding caches, singing logbooks and not logging the finds on the website, so it should balance the total number of finds I have noticed this phenomena several times - mostly when I saw a fresh log in the logbook and the last logged find was several weeks old - or once when I dropped my camera near a cache and somebody finding only that one cache (according to the website) contacted me and brought it to me - really a nice guy, we talked about the other local caches which he has found but on the website he still has only that one find. Wondering about the motivation... just paranoia to post your movements to the Internet? Anyway it has to be uncomfortable to keep track of found / not found caches without logging them.
  8. me carrying 3 kayaks and paddles... not very inventive avatar but it will do.
  9. Zeewire: I saw you were doing some Watchung Reservation caches - next time you can stop at the Trailside Center (Watchung Res., Mountainside), they keep a nice collection of snakes there.
  10. quote:Originally posted by bbsan:Does it mean the owner has removed it? Yes, most probably it has been archived. If you can find the URL eg. in your browser history or bookmarks, you should still be able to access the cache page and there should be a note why it has been archived.
  11. Long Island, the land of Bayonets4U and caches wrapped in plastic bags? Sometimes I have some work to do in our company datacenter in Bohemia (Suffolk) and when I have a time, I hunt for caches nearby... so far I always signed a log by a backlight of my GPS in that parks closing at dusk :-)
  12. When you login to geocaching.com, you are redirected to URL which contains your username and password in clear form: /login/default.asp?redir=&S=0&ID=&U=&username=haggaeus&password=mypasswordhere&Login=Login - so it can be seen in browser history, proxy logs, etc. It would be safer to use POST for login form and not to pass the password to GET URLs.
  13. You could probably make an 'archive log' at your website - download the log page and all images there and put a link to TB description (edit the log to remove any content which could be copyrighted by geocaching.com). I just wonder if removing the log entry affects the mileage and map?
  14. It depends on the location of the cache, even if there is no defined theme: "Hiking" caches: items useful on the trail - flashlights, bandages, Platypus bottles, knives (if they would be allowed). Suburban caches: computer parts & media, dollar store items... my favorite are toys from museum gift stores.
  15. It is nice to see TBs that were seemingly missing to be recovered - sometimes the delay has a reason, believe it or not: - One of TBs on my watch list was staying way too long in hands of the last finder: last week the owner grabbed it (the finder had a knee injury and was not able to place it, so he mailed it back to the owner). - Just now I have heard about my own TB, picked up a month ago: the finder's GPS broke, but she got a new one and will be moving the TB soon. Life is beautiful!
  16. quote:Originally posted by Renegade Knight:They are hunting for locationless caches. "Find a stockpile of weapons of mass destruction, file a report, post your coordinates and gain acclaim before the world stage" Or trade up, if the find is not impressive enough :-) Hey, who complained about plundering caches for WG$? "Troops Seize Cash Cache" - http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2003/04/23/iraq/main550659.shtml
  17. quote:Originally posted by The Robot Family:Are there are truly virtual caches that exist that require you search the internet for clues? [...] There is a nice list of "Coach-Potato Caches" at http://home.debitel.net/user/geocaching/caches.shtml#3 - most of them require just a map and a compass, or an Internet search.
  18. Wheelchair-accessible caches are a great idea! I know a local park which has a wheelchair fittness path and is in a nice location too (Echo Lake Park, Mountainside, NJ), but I wouldn't dare to place a cache there without actually verifying it by a handicapped person. If you know handicapped people who would be willing to test the cache availability, we could have a more official icon like "wheelchair-approved".
  19. haggaeus


    quote:Originally posted by Bluehook:[...] Because it is difficult to diagnose and is an easy fit for the hypochondriac set, lyme disease is deeply swirled in controversy. Team Shibby> a bullseye rash at the tick bite site is generally proof positive of lyme infection. If in a doubt, see your doctor - the blood test should be reliable. My symptomps were: sleep difficulties, then fever - I attributed these to last July extremely hot weather (my 1st summer in NJ, too) - then I found a strange triangular rash on my chest and remembered I was bitten by a tick when hiking on Middle Hudson 2 weeks ago. To the doctor it looked more like an alergy but prescribed Cipro anyway just to be safe - then when a positive blood test results came, I spent the rest of summer on doxycycline (not very nice, it increases your sensitivity to sunlight, I was getting burned whenever going out in a T-shirt). No experiences with Lyme support groups, what's the problem with them? Of course you shouldn't use them as a substitute for a doctor...
  20. Just read the tourist caches thread... now how do moving caches compare to the tourist caches? It seems to me that all the arguments against tourist caches can be applied to moving caches: - the owner has a little control how it will be rehidden - what if an irresponsible cacher places it on a private land or other inappropriate location? - the owner can't actually verify if the cache is missing or not Is the moving cache considered as re-adopted by the last hider? Maybe this concept is working fine and I am missing something, I have never come across a moving cache.
  21. quote:Originally posted by IronHelix:One feature I'd like to see added to the site is a permanent cookie that keeps you logged in. That way if you lose your session cookie (restart computer or web browser) you dont have to log in again. The "Remember me" checkbox at the login form works fine for me (I am using Galeon/Mozilla) - maybe you are using Internet Explorer and you have too restrictive policy, prohibiting permanent cookies? In IE6 there is a feature called something like "Privacy Report" which shows you what cookies are you accepting from the given website, what cookies were rejected due to your policy, etc.
  22. quote:1. How did you find out/start geocaching? found when looking on the Web for some info about local parks / hiking areas, kept it in my mind but didn't act immediately... quote:2. Who/what got you started geocaching? Found a broken cache and contents scattered around in a park near our house - took it home to wash and dry, 2 weeks later bought a GPS and started participating. quote:3. How often you do it? at least twice a month, 1-2 caches per a hike. quote:4. How long have you been doing it? half a year quote:5. Spending amounts: a. Price of GPS less than $100 (eBay) quote: b. Placing a cache c. other equipment and prices (lights, ropes, etc) N/A - didn't place any cache yet, didn't buy special gear or equipment for caching
  23. Somewhat related to this thread: here is a funny TB, released just this weekend.
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