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  1. Recently I was passing by some folks at the railroad station and one said to another: "Hey, I thought that John Lennon was dead???". Czech caching in US.
  2. quote:Originally posted by mckee:I heard about this on another board, rest_area_perverts.com. [...] Are you sure about the domain? Underscores are not allowed in domain names. Czech caching in US.
  3. quote:Originally posted by Team Ekitt10:2nd Tuesday of the Month? Even better, what about 2nd Saturday of the Month? I would prefer to keep Saturdays for individual hikes/hunts, or fulltime event caches. Tuesdays after work are ok but the days are getting shorter - any good night caches in Northern NJ? Also, would anybody be interested in NY caches (cacheninjas ones in Upper Manhattan, Hudson Valley), or is it too far for the group? Czech caching in US.
  4. Happy Birthday! Will you have an Eggplant Cake? Czech caching in US.
  5. Looks almost like an event cache. If I catch an early train, I might appear there, too. Czech caching in US.
  6. quote:Originally posted by Cybo:Renegade: SporTrak is 199, Geko is 219 In what currency? Geko 201 is US$ 114.44 at www.onlinemarine.com . I bought it there last week and I am very satisfied, except of Garmin interface for entering waypoints (I used Mag315 before). (update: ok, I see you were talking about CDN, the price would be still good but probably too high Fedex shipping to Canada) Czech caching in US.
  7. quote:Originally posted by Aksor+Raskol:I guess the obvious question is how you plan on getting out to new areas once you've found all the caches within walking distance? Public Transit? www.septa.com ? Czech caching in US.
  8. Looks like this silly restriction has been removed, I can access cache pages with "Lynx/2.8.4rel.1 libwww-FM/2.14 SSL-MM/1.4.1 OpenSSL/0.9.6b" without any problems now. Now only if the Next 10 nearest caches didn't use Javascript :-) Czech caching in US.
  9. quote:Originally posted by embi:Dont blame me if it takes longer for your cache to be approved now...blame Goat6500! Actually this is not a new idea, see question 10b) in this cache test: http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=4016058331&m=20560976 Czech caching in US.
  10. quote:Originally posted by Dave_W6DPS:This is very much like the "great debate" over virtuals. If you don't like micros, don't do 'em. If you or your caching crew prefer to trade stuff, by all means pick caches that work for you. My son likes to trade, so when he is with me I usually pick traditional caches of normal size. I agree, only it would be much easier if micros would have their own cache type so you could filter them out from the query as you can do with virtuals. Czech caching in US.
  11. quote:Originally posted by Indy Four:[...]2. Attach bug to small (1 oz) dropper bottle. Ask transporters to put a few dropperfuls of water from a nearby stream/river/lake/pool before re-caching. Then please post where the water came from on the bug's web page. I would avoid this - think about leaks and frost, it would be sad to ruin a waterproof cache by a leaking TB. I was thinking about a pH meter so cachers could measure local water/soil pH but they need recalibrating and probably don't like extreme temperatures.. Czech caching in US.
  12. I have read many threads referring to virtuals not approved "because it prevents a traditional cache to be placed in 0.1 mile radius from the virtual". I don't quite understand what is the problem here: the 0.1 mile rule was introduced to prevent "cache saturation" or accidentaly finding a cache when looking for a nearby one. That's fine for traditional caches, but how could virtual and traditional block each other, even if placed exactly at the same place? If you would hunt for the virtual, you would read a plaque, take a picture of yourself with the GPS, count the windows on the building or whatever the owner requires you to prove the visit. If hunting for the micro, you would find it and sign the logbook. These are two quite different actions, not much chance to make a mistake. I'm not a big fan of virtuals but in some cases I would prefer them over urban micros. It would seem to me more logical to modify that rule to prohibit "caches of the same type (trad/virt) placed within 0.1mi radius of the existing cache". What do you think? Czech caching in US.
  13. quote:8. Delaware Water Gap (New Jersey/Pennsylvania): Once one of the best law enforcement programs in the NPS, Delaware Water Gap now has half the rangers in the field it did in the mid-1990s. - but still enough rangers to check canoes & kayaks if there is enough lifejackets and if you have "whistle or horn" in each boat (now we have). Czech caching in US.
  14. Anyway, it would be nice to have a link 'Watch this cacher' at user profile, similar one as we have for caches and travel bugs - could be used for people leaving interesting logs, competing first finders, cachers approaching a milestone count, etc. Czech caching in US.
  15. Macintosh Desktop running Linux :-) (well at work I use PC running Linux so I voted "Linux") Czech caching in US.
  16. As often as my schedule allows + some laziness correlation. I think a good sign of addiction is that I check weather when scheduling my maintenance visits to our company remote datacenters. Czech caching in US.
  17. If it would be named NGS, then it probably shouldn't place its own benchmarks Czech caching in US.
  18. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:Peroxide and lots of rubbing alcohol. Yeeeeeouch! Good to hear that the rubbing alcohol is good for anything: last Friday night I have noticed too late that we are short of fuel for our alcohol stove and rubbing alcohol was the only substance I managed to buy before the start of the trip. When mixed with the remains of denaturated alcohol, it burned ok, but still have a lot of it left... Czech caching in US.
  19. Nice, but how did you 'get paid' - was there a deposit on the beer bottle? Czech caching in US.
  20. Congratulations!! quote:"Elderberry wine. Hmmph. Haven't had elderberry wine since I was a boy..." - Arsenic and Old Lace Where in North America do elderberries grow? I haven't seen any yet. Czech caching in US.
  21. If you don't feel like making it yourself, you can buy a similar one for $12 at http://www.antigravitygear.com/products/stove.html (includes a windshield). I didn't trust ethanol stoves before I tried it, but I was quite nicely surprised by its efficiency. Czech caching in US.
  22. You can see some in this thread: http://ubbx.Groundspeak.com/6/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=5726007311&f=6216058331&&m=91460406 Czech caching in US.
  23. I bought 3 new Intex inflatable kayaks on eBay under $50 each. They are more like toys then a serious watercraft but they are fine for river day trips (no whitewater, no open sea). Also the material is probably not so durable, you'll have to patch the kayak more often. You can see some pictures of our kayaks in action at: http://citanka.cz/US/2003/03/ (rahway*.jpeg) http://citanka.cz/US/2003/06/ (calso_dam*.jpeg) You can buy them also at www.qualityinflatables.com, slightly more expensive than on eBay (also cheap paddles there, but maybe too heavy). Czech caching in US.
  24. I can't imagine how the authentication would be done in that case? The sender address can be forged too easily, PGP or S-MIME signature would be fine but e-mail encryption would probably more complicated for non-technical users than the current web form. Czech caching in US.
  25. yes! My only TB is sitting for two months in a cache in a slightly dangerous terrain and the cache page says "I do not recommend searching for this cache if it rained in the last 48 hours" - I guess we didn't have 48 hours without rain this spring! Czech caching in US.
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