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  1. Hello! Thanks for the warm welcome everyone, and an addiction is it!! as for something to eat, Im sure I can find something, but if you ever meet me you will realize Ive probably already ate it myself!
  2. well, so far Im pretty new to this, and I go to about every cache twice. 1st time I go to scout the area. I look around, try to figure out where Im going to, exactly where Im going to. Typically I will glance around a bit to see if I can score a quick find, but if I cant thats ok. I then usually go back either later in the day, or a day or two later, to actually give a good going over the area. In trying not to draw to much attention (especially in high muggle areas), I find this makes it easier to get in and out with out hanging around for a long time. I dont personally consider this a DNF, maybe it is to some. When I look high and low, to a point where Im completely stuck and still cant find it, THEN I will post a DNF. clay
  3. Hello! Just starting doing some actually caching after "watching" for a while. Im located in Terre Haute, and still just getting the basics down by finding all the caches close to my house (for the most part!). fun so far! Clay
  4. Is this still available?? For some reason I cant access http://xca.auscstrike.com/ thanks, clay
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