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  1. Im in Indiana, and I really like puzzles! Hit me!
  2. Just recieved mine in the mail! They do look GREAT!! Love the coin! thanks! clay
  3. I just went to order coins, and both are sold out
  4. On a related note, how do you guys feel about logging your own event? You schedule the event, people show up and log it, are YOU allowed to log it? You showed up, just like everyone else, the only difference is you put on the event, or at least your the one who scheduled it on GC.com. clay
  5. At work we had an old piece of data recording equipment that became way outdated. Well, it was in this very sturdy plastic case so I took it. I gutted everything out of it then found out the case was made by Underwater Kinetics (http://www.uwkinetics.com/), and is made to be waterproof! The case alone is over $100 if you buy a new one, and its very well built! They make a bunch of different sizes as well. This one measures ~14" x 10" x 6", a nice size! Its a 613 model case (http://www.uwkinetics.com/products/detail.php?ProductID=50) The only problem I see with these is their cost!
  6. Where do you buy these?? a local cacher hid a series with those containers and I would love to find some! clay
  7. Ive noticed this on occasion, and try to post accurate coords with my logs if that applies. as for posting accurate coords and misleading names......... I always thought of posting a mystery cache with the correct coords posted and either a fake clue/puzzle, or a puzzle that leads you to a cache that points to the accurate coords listed on the page.
  8. Whats main difference between the 60 CSx and 76 CSx? According to the garmin.com comparison page, they are identical, except for price. Or course they look different, but is one better than the other for some reason Im missing?
  9. I just got my latest catalog from The Sharper Image. What do I see on page 16?? For the sum of $499.95 you can buy your very own hidden wireless GPS that is trackable through a website. here is a link: http://www.sharperimage.com/us/en/catalog/...ails/sku__MT200 and http://www.coolest-gadgets.com/20060816/tr...h-locate-1-gps/
  10. I tried to tell them that in the original thread. but Ill still probably get a set.
  11. Im heading to Greensburg, IN this weekend for a family-inlaw wedding. I plan to hit up a few caches there (at least 15) to get my 100 finds!
  12. I searched the forum and didnt find anything on this, so I figured I would throw it out. I was in the store searching for something, and found the PERFECT pen to put in a decon container cache! Its the Pilot G-2 Mini gel pen. It fits in a decon container with out modification. You only need room enough for it to lean just a little one way or the other! I was delighted to find this pen after recently cutting up some pencils for a decon container. Just FYI. clay
  13. Got mine today!! man these things are too cool!! thanks! clay
  14. Indiana has a trackable micro: and a 2005 coin, that is numbered, but not trackable:
  15. Got mine in the mail today!! Looks GREAT thanks! clay
  16. Nevermind!! I remember now, I reserved 2! thanks, clay
  17. Just a btt to see what the latest status is. thanks! clay
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