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  1. Ok I am probably not communicating the right information so i will do a example.. Ok lets say you downloaded 5 caches to your PC in a GPX file now you connect your gps and dl to it so you open your GPS and there they are in the waypoints??? (not sure where they would be) would they look like this?

    1 GVFRE

    2 MKBGY

    3 JKOLB

    4 IMDES

    5 PLDRM (these all are just examples)

    now my question is this if they look like that how do you know what cache is what without a paper list saying PLDRM is "By The Wayside" cache etc etc ..this downloading waypoints really needs a GOOD faQ with examples so it can be understood by people who have never done it ..Thank you

  2. It really depends on where you live if you live in the city and do most of your cache hunting in the city then pepper spray or a good walking stick can be all you need .I am not worried about people where i live i am more worried about Grizzly bears and bull moose,sometimes they are very stuborn and down right mean about sharing trails.I carry a Glock 30 45 cal.it is like insurance better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it....to those people in other countries that think we Americans are gun crazy remember this Citizens with guns are a goverened people, citizens without guns are a ruled people....:laughing:

  3. Well it felt great now if someone would cowboy up and go to it ...LOL BTW folks i have next to the icon of regular cache on my listing a red arrow and under it it says MINE i assume probably wrong that this referes to the fact this is my first published cache??

  4. Ok i have read everything i can find on downloading waypoints i read all about the software but when you download them to your GPS then where are they what do they look like? do they name themselves or just go by the 5 digit identity i guess what i mean is how do you know what set of waypoints is what.I use a rhino 120,cause i need the radio...is this unit even capable of this ...thank you all..(in advance) <_<

  5. where would one find out how many reviewers his state has and how he could pitch in ..or help in some way??

    The official stand about reviewers and who does what and where is that Groundspeak can't even keep track of it so we cachers shouldn't bother to try either.


    In Idaho over time I have seen:





    Mt Fellwalker


    There may be more, plus some of those don't revew here anymore. As for pitching in and helping it's a case of being an active cacher and if they need another reviewer the present ones seem to nominate new ones for the post. Thus if you do good things and get noticed you have a chance. Volunteering to do the job by itself isn't what gets you the job.

    We added a reviewer in our area recently, and I agree that a mere desire to volunteer isn't what Groundspeak is looking for.


    The reviewer was recommended by peers (and not just nominated by another reviewer), and to this day, everyone has agreed that it was a great choice - a very dedicated cacher who doesn't get corrupted by find counts, and is very level-headed. :)


    Sounds like a great system and if people are in this to get a count they are missing the point LOL it is fun and it is healthy,don't ruin it by getting stressed over log counts...there are many other games you can play and be competitive in..:P

  6. Ok My wife and i are going to do most of our Geocaching together but we signed up under seperate names.so now we have to log into each cache page and make two log entries to get credit for them So should we keep our seperate accounts and use them when we are by ourselves or when like she is out with the girls geocaching and create a joint account for when we do it together ?? i have no idea how that would work so please if you have sound advice we are listening..Thank you Idaho_Clovisman and Winterhawker

  7. Yes the suggestions for a small day pack are right on and you must get what will fit the area you intend to Geocache in .Will it be mostly woods and hiking or Urban ...if Urban you do not need alot but if hiking and in the woods alot take a few extra things the pack when loaded should not weigh over 5 or 6 lbs...and even at 95 lbs that is not going to hurt you ..good luck...


    PS all my firends use Rhino 120 or 130 and they have a built in radio which you can send your location to any other rhino user a handy thing when in the mountains...

  8. Not trying to start anything but just wanted you to know that your post kinda rubbed me the wrong way...for some people (who are not real PC friendly) it is extremly fustrating trying to find a answer to their question.Now i agree reading the faq should be required but you can only read so long on a pc before boredom sets in. having a delete button would solve alot a person could delete their post after it was answered..


    If someone does not like the fact that a new person has hid his first cache then it is that persons problem no one should say when how or where if you feel you have the know how and are up to it go for it that is what the reviewers are for if something is really wrong they will point it out to that person and then they can learn by doing,You got to start someplace..:D You get experience from doing not watching or reading get your GPS and get out and search that is experience.My wife told me NOT to show her anything she loved the fact that she could leran on her own by doing after all it is just the GPS and you ...you know what happens when you do nothing? Nothing....:D you go for it ..:wub:

  9. Hello everyone in Geo caching world well my wife and i are new we have found 4 out of 5 since starting a week ago and we planted our first cache yesterday(awaiting review process) now my question...OK when i go to galleries and click on pictures only about 1/3rd open in a larger picture but most take me back to the cache page why is this? with my eyes i can not see anything in the thumbnails..so i need to see the bigger picture ..:laughing: Idaho _Clovisman and Winterhawker


    Thank you ..<_<

  10. Ok testing testing testing is a great idea BUT where the heck is the :MyCache Page" to get there one must either know the longitude and latitude or someone on this forum must write plainer directions so us old farts can follow them ,sorry i can not lock on to any satilites in here..:laughing:


    PS i may be old but i found out how to get this avatar on here and still never seen "MyCache Page" LOL


    PSS Everything working...:laughing:

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