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  1. well seeing as caches are put into 5 catagorys.... micro small regular large and other... I dont see where this fits in
  2. I know for one of our caches we posted co-ords to a coat hanger near by to get the cache out lol
  3. Lol... I just noticed the general hate of micros... I'm not saying all micros are evil... just a lot of them
  4. Here are three fighting the micro Icons I made in photoshop. Feel free to use them on your cache pages. Thanks Wolfbait.
  5. Im not sure If the items from the link will work.... there is a big difference between the treo 650 and the treo 90
  6. Yes but how do I hook a gps reciever to it... they just dont make those type of cables
  7. Of corse they do... one wrong move and we have their companies co-ords in our gps and were starting a riot lol
  8. A while back I remember my dad and my mom opening up their shiny brand new treo 90 Handspring PDAs. At the time the treo 90 was one of the better PDAs of its class and included a handy built in keyboard. Soon after the release of the treo 90 the manufacturer (Handspring) was bought out by Palm. I was curious about if I could use my treo for caching.... but because palm did not continue production accssesories for the treo are few and far between.... any help?
  9. Cache posted http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6f-5cef9f899c7f
  10. I might be willing to participate... If I ever get time... might be better in the summer
  11. heres the news article to go with my post http://www.cleveland.com/printer/printer.s...hoga&coll=2
  12. ours got stolen.... by the city without them realizing it.... they took the memorial cannon we hid the cache in for maitinence
  13. Thanks for the tips GSV and j_czerwin I really appreciate them
  14. Sounds awesome to me.... 4-5 miles sounds like our typical Cross country practices
  15. 1st find a waterproof container Check 2nd find a great location Check 3rd thing of a name for your cache Check... All quiet on the western front 4th purchase a log book Not purchased... made 5th fill your container with good trade items Too small for anything but the smallest of trades 6th go out and get three sets of coordinates Waiting for dad to get home with the gps 7th fill out online form to submit new cache. 8th wait forever for cache to be reviewed 9th cache opened, wait forever for cache to be found 10th wait until you have to maintence, replace or hide more caches.
  16. With our cache we posted co-ordinates of a bent coat hanger to pull our cache from out of a cannon
  17. I created a log book, Thought of a title.... what now
  18. I think I have a location.... Its on the border of a city park and private property with a road seperating them.... And for you stripy.... my money lol
  19. I being a first time cache placer am still not 100% sure what my next step is.... I have gotten a water-tight mini size cache container I have camoed this container Now what?
  20. Here Is a local Army surplus store right in my area Whitey's Army & Navy Stores 56 Front St Berea, OH 44017View Map 4402348181 Im sure they can send you an ammo can They're only 12$
  21. I wish I could go caching today... there is a couple ones in my area i would love to hit.... and its 60 degrees here on dec 17
  22. I have a treo 90 and I was wondering if I could use it for gps. The only problem is that it is so old that I can't find hardware, software, or a bluetooth adapter for it. Any help? Or do I have to go to plan F which is get an entirely different device?
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