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  1. Rocky_River_Waterfall_by_Wolfbait1.jpg

    The spot is beautiful... I don't want to place a cache in the waterfall but the rocky outcroppings. This is the remains of our city's booming sand stone quarry established in the 1830's. The only problem is that this is part of the Cleveland Metroparks system and they are very picky about caches, require you to fill out alot of paperwork, and allow you to only keep a cache for a year. Any comments, suggestions?


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    source for quarry info. http://home.earthlink.net/~bereahistorical/Sandstone.html

    cleveland metro parks page http://www.clemetparks.com/recreation/geocaching/index.asp

  2. Unfortunately the cache page is now gone. Heres our first cache story.

    We had one in a clear plastic pipe tube with a non clear cap. It was hidden in our town centers cannon. When they removed the cannon to do maintenance they found it in the cannon and saw the cord we had attached to the cache to pull it out. Unfortunately the worker thought it was a live round until one of the other shop members realized it was a geocache.

  3. If you really feel strongly about this we should start our own website. I'm sure you could get enough people to support the 15$+ monthly domain fees. I am also sure that you could find virtual enthusiasts with enough computer know how to build the website. lemme give you guys a good start.









    There :blink:

  4. My grandparents have Microsoft streets and trips and have been frustrated with how terrible it has been. They already have a USB GPS receiver but want a new piece of software. Being truckers they want something that they can plug in the address of where they are going and a route will be generated for them. Any suggestions?

  5. As some of you may remember My family had a cache stuck down the barrel of a cannon on our town square. I am pleased to announce that on memorial day the cannon was marched in the parade and then brought to the ceremony. There the Mayor commented "It's too nice now to put on the triangle, maybe we should display it inside city hall". Looks like we're going to have caching inside city hall now. :rolleyes::D Guess people are going to have to use all the :D they have.

  6. This is my first time I am camo-ing a cache with out using factory made camo (camo duct tape :anibad: )

    I have been planning this cache for about a month. I have planned out where to hide it, gotten an ammo can, filled it with geo-approved goodies and now just need to camo and take co-ords. I was wondering if the method I'm planning on using is good or not. Here are the supplies.



    1 army surplus ammo box

    1 hand sized rock from surrounding area

    1 can of black spray paint



    1.Take rock and grind it down into small chunks and powder.

    2.Spray Paint ammo can black

    3.Cover ammo can with rock using the paint almost like glue.

    4. Shake off excess rock


    Is this going to work... Tell me experienced cachers.

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