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  1. OK Just a few of my Bragging rights Involved in scouting 25 years Scout Master 10 years Wood badge (Only two beads) OA brotherhood 150+ nights camping (No Sundays) 13 weeks of summer camp Backpacking 125 (miles total) Canoeing 250 miles (total) Eagle scouts pinned 25 High adventure trips 6 Fun Unlimited We'll See ya on the Trail
  2. I have been involved in Scouting for almost 25 years including my time as a kid. I never made Eagle but I have pinned 25 of them on my boys. Concerning coments made earlier in this thred scouting gives back to the boys what you put into it. I doubt any of "My Boys" would say scouting was boring. We had fun, we went places, we camped 12 months of the year, we used the program to make good boys better. I love Scouting and all it has done for me and all I have been able to for the boys. We'll See ya on the Trail
  3. We Cache all year around here in Utah. It's a little harder in the mountains but a metal detector works wonderful. Especially on ammo cans We'll See ya on the Trail
  4. If a cache is approved, that for some reason should not have been WHO's responsibility is it to see the cache is either moved to a proper location or Archived. If a cache is placed on private land, Wilderness, National Forrest, or in a dangerous location, Is it appropriate for another cacher to contact the cache placer, question his choice of location and if necessary recommend the cache be moved or archived. I believe It is the responsibility of ALL Geocachers. To police our sport. Admin’s cannot check and verify all caches. In many cases they are not familiar with specific locations such as property lines and boundaries. I believe all geocachers need to lead out in this matter and help identify Illegal caches and work with the cachers and Admin’s to see they are moved or Archived. I would like to hear what everyone else thinks on this subject. We'll See ya on the Trail
  5. The Twins, Maggie and Molly Love to hike and cache. Here they are sitting on top of the mountain after finding another cache. We'll See ya on the Trail
  6. I Just wanted to share this exciting news. Utah Jean age 64, a Geocacher from Farmington Utah has now found 1000 caches. This milestone was accomplished at an event cache held this past weekend. Utah Jean along with about 40 of here pears made the half mile hike to the top of a mountain near Bountiful Utah. We all wanted to be there to see this Great Geocacher find this cache. Jean Is an awesome lady and an inspiration to all of us. We'll See ya on the Trail
  7. I have been wating a month to adopt some caches. several e-mails to Geocaching and no reply's any one know whats going on?? We'll See ya on the Trail
  8. http://www.planecrashinfo.com/ or try this http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=plane+crash+database We'll See ya on the Trail
  9. Is their any way to remove a missing bug from one of my cache pages when the owner will not respond to my request We'll See ya on the Trail
  10. So you will post those VACATION caches after you arrive in Arazona they will be NOT approved by the admins and your Yellow Etrex will sit there untill you get back to it next year We'll See ya on the Trail
  11. Just a final note on meticulousmike. Though I have never met him I have logged all but one of his Utah caches and we have traded many e-mails in the process. All of his Utah Caches are great caches some of them were quite challenging but most of the view points were worth the hike. Mike has agreed to let me adopt all of these Caches, so if the admin’s approve I will have all of them back up right away. This has been a sad and regrettable situation Mike is a great guy and though he may have made a mistake concerning vacation caches he did not deserve to be ridiculed for it. Geocaching has lost a great cacher. I personally will miss being challenged by him and then bragging to him after I conquer one of his difficult caches. I suggest we all remember to try a little kindness when we are in these situations. See you on the Trail Scout Master We'll See ya on the Trail
  12. Is their any way to remove a missing bug from on of my cache pages when the owner will not respond to my request We'll See ya on the Trail
  13. Me too Me too I want one too We'll See ya on the Trail
  14. My Magellan Meridian has a trip odometer that measures actual distance traveled. I can reset it when ever I want to. It has to be alot more accurate than those old ones we used when we were kids. We'll See ya on the Trail
  15. Last winter we snow shoed about 6 miles round trip and found 2 caches burried in 2-3 feet of snow usind probes and a metal detector We'll See ya on the Trail
  16. OK you guys 357 people have read this thread but only 40 have voted Come on!! click the VOTE button and VOTE for AMMO CAN We'll See ya on the Trail [This message was edited by Scout Master on July 21, 2003 at 05:14 AM.]
  17. I still say it should be an AMMO CAN ICON We'll See ya on the Trail
  18. I’m just saying The ammo can is a more universally recognized symbol for a GEOCACHE We'll See ya on the Trail
  19. Shoumd Jeremy replace his new cache icon with a pic of an "AMMO CAN" We'll See ya on the Trail
  20. Take one with you and place it your self We'll See ya on the Trail
  21. http://www.switchboard.com/ We'll See ya on the Trail
  22. How about thr Boy Scout Hand Book We'll See ya on the Trail
  23. Yesterday while I was out caching with some friends I saw a couple with a Yellow Etrex GPS. I asked them are you Geocaching the gentleman answered, No! we are hiding Easter eggs. What is Geocaching? We'll See ya on the Trail
  24. I just told my Kids this week to chain an ammo Can to my Grave stone so I can Keep on caching after I die we'll See ya on the Trail
  25. A few days ago it was suggested that a Cache in Salt Lake City was poorly placed and should be removed The following is a clip of the Comment. {QUOTE} Potentially disastrous cache locations. Maybe I (Mr. Cach-U-Nut) am paranoid but I went to a cache at lunchtime today that quite freaked me out. It is called I'd walk a mile for a geocache. GCE88C. Several groups of joggers were checking me out as I looked around so I immediately left and posted the following log. March 25 by Cach-U-Nuts (431 found) Guys, I hate to be a party pooper but I highly recommend that this cache be archived as soon as possible. This has the potential for being a bigger disaster that the Hill Field episode. First, there is a major police training facility less than 300 feet to the west. Second, there is a large propane tank about 75 feet from the cache. Third, there is a major interstate 250 feet to the east. Fourth, you are in plain view of dozens of joggers and walkers while you are looking for the cache. (A lot of them are probably police cadets.) When the bomb squad gets called about the suspicious activity here they will have to evacuate the police academy and the American Express building and likely several other buildings in the area. They will have to shut down I-215 for several hours while the container is x-rayed. If the call comes in during rush hour it would be much worse the Hill Field. We need to be extremely careful about where we decide to place caches now days. I would like to know if you think I am being ridiculous about this. Several cachers have found this cache and only one mentioned being nervous about flipping open a pocket knife right next to the police academy. {END QUOTE} Their was some discussion over the next few days but NOTHING was done. The following was the result. {QUOTE} Well, you all can stop arguing about this cache because it is gone. A friend of mine works in the government buildings by this cache and his mother was running on the track. She saw a couple with "devices" in their hands and did another lap. The next time around she saw them "digging." She approached them and asked them what they were doing. They (a man and a woman) told her it was none of her business and that she should just leave. She didn't leave and she said that it was her business because this was government property, the terror alert is orange, there is a war on and my son works in that building over there. She even threatened to call the police if they didn't tell her. They responded, "My God lady, we live in Utah!" Well, she didn't call the police straight away...instead she called her son to ask him what he thought. Unfortunately he was not in his office at the time, in which case his calls are forwarded to the UHP. She went ahead and told them and luckily a UHP officer and someone else went out and found it by themselves without shutting everything down like Cach-U-Nuts warned. They were, nonetheless, not pleased with the cache and the problems it could have caused. It has been removed and is now in "evidence" because there is now a case# on this and the possibility of charges being pressed. They are going after Geocaching.com but they will soon realize that it doesn't belong to them. Let's hope they don't go after the cache owner. We are not allowed to yell "fire" in a crowded movie theatre and people with reason understand this. There may be a time soon when we are not allowed to act in a suspicious manner or at the very least hide things where we do not have permission to hide them. Several people did not heed the warning of Cach-U-Nuts and defiantly found the cache anyway to stick up for "freedom." How many more HAFB incidents do we need before people realize that we're not living in the world we lived in a couple of years ago when we first started caching? Go ahead and practice your freedom to find caches in questionable areas, but it just may cause a bigger black eye for the Geocaching community. we'll See ya on the Trail
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