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  1. Thanks that really helps me out. One more question. Is there a map program for the IIIXE and when you hook up your GPS to the palm can it show you where you are and show tracking like when you are using a laptop?

  2. What is newer in series or technology the IIIxe, the Vx, or the VII? Also is there a cable to connect the Palm to a GPS and where could I find one? I have a map330 from magellan.

  3. Sounds good to me. I have decided on the IIIXE. Where do I download the programs for it to use for geocaching? Is it easy to bring up the caches on the IIIXE as it seems?

  4. So you do reccomend the IIIxe for paperless caching? It looks like a good PDA to use for it. So all you have to do is download a program from the web to use for paperless caching? Any info is appreciated.

  5. Thanks for the info. So the Palm or pocket is the same? All I want it for is to not have to print paper for caches. I was only looking for a 30 dollar unit or so but did not know what is what when it comes to PDA's. SO what is the best on the market for about 30 to 50 dollars? Does that mean like any series of Palm is ok for what I would like to use it for? Thanks for the help.

  6. I am looking for an inexpensive PDA for paper less geocaching. I can not

    figure out if every PDA is the same for this option. Is every PDA able to

    download the info off the web site and able to hook up with any GPS? Do they all work pretty much the same? Any information would help.

  7. Does all Palm Pilots or PDA's work the same. Can they all download the info from the website and give the same info. What is the best one and least expensive? Not looking for anything to fancy but one that is good for paperless geocaching. Any info will help.

  8. I recommend the Kenwood Model UBZ-LF14. The are very dependable and the batteries last for a long time. Also very compact. I would not recommend the Motorolas because they make a funny sound every time you talk or someone is talking to you. You get othe peoples attention when you use them. VERY ANNOYING! THe Kenwoods are descreet and quiet! :huh:

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