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  1. The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries used to have a link about geocaching, including a link to geocaching.com itself. Can't find it now. I wonder what changed. It's not as if, there are a whole bunch of geocaches on those lands. I only have to believe that it's the influence of the NPS pushing their uninformed position on geocaching.
  2. Ah, I looked at an old topic figuring out how to get your account number. Thanks for the information guys.
  3. This question has got of been asked before, but I couldn't find the answer. So here goes anyways. How many accounts does geocaching.com currently have?
  4. I have the same exact setup. I had to install the software for the Serial to USB adapter. But I'm assuming that you already did that. Given that once you set up the connection, it will only work in one USB slot, as each slot is mapped to a different COM port. So try each of your USB slots, and you don't need to start the computer with it connected, unless you have a very old operating system.
  5. Get a good keyword search capability to search cache page title, descriptions, bookmarks, cachers, and so on, so I don't have to use Google search to search cache listings.
  6. I knew which one you were talking about especially when I saw that you were from Virginia. I've solved this one, just haven't driven far enough to get it yet. The first thing you should know about puzzle caches, is that you're generally trying to get a Lat/Long out of it. So generally you look for a pattern which includes the first number of your Latitude, which is '3' your case. Look up the first state, and see if you find anything that has a '3' associated with the first state. Works in about 25% to 50% of the mystery caches depending on how mystery happy your area is.
  7. If you want to make someone go to a virtual cache, make it into a multi or mystery, and take information from the virtual spot, to fill in coords for a physical hide. I know, not the best solution, but it works well.
  8. I found a FTF prize in a cache, two days after it was published on the AT trail. The cache was a huge Ammo can. Inside the ammo can was, a small camo ammo can with "For FTF Finder" all over it. Inside the Ammo can was: a camo decon container a pill container, with 4 engergizer batteries a carabineener light a Write in the Rain book a disposible camera a small geocaching.com container pens and pencils a pencil sharpener and $35 gift certificate to Best Buy(I think I'm forgetting some items). All with the laminated congratulations for being FTF. I was in shock at the amount of booty in there for the first person. So I emptied my pockets of all my cash, and put it in cache. But that wasn't all, there's were at least 6 more pill containers with 4 energizers each, along with many of the same items for future cachers. To this day, I'm still in shock, to the amount of money and effort was put into the cache.
  9. Secret Greeting for cachers???? Hmmmm, does sneaking up to someone at a cache, and then at about 15 feet, scream out, "Did you find it?", count as a secret greeting. Maybe not, but it's fun.
  10. I combined one of my other hobbies. The old person sport called genealogy. Check out the cache finale: GC14X8B
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