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  1. Wonder if those Rite in the Rain products would make good log books... I typically use Rite in the Rain notebooks. The Northwest is to harsh for standard notebooks. Tell me about it! I graduated from HS in Everwet! I may have to get some of those for my future caches. You actually place them in caches then and field tested?
  2. Wonder if those Rite in the Rain products would make good log books...
  3. Bear in mind that it's the middle of winter too.
  4. Yeah, I don't currently use TC.com...however, the obstacle of "sponsorship", from what I hear, isn't anything major. In fact, they have an adoption program if I understand correctly for new members. I know from other Iowa cachers the perception is there are more terracache's than navicache's, but this is purely second hand info. and could easily vary by location.
  5. Haha, I was just saying that to a guy at work. He's like "if I were them I'd hit that company up for doing a promo".
  6. Riiiight, because we all know that written logs never fade, smear or otherwise have problems... NEXT!
  7. Oh, now come on, you can't beat a good old "standards" debate. Or the random Mac-addict rant!
  8. Hard drives ARE magnetic storage, that is WHY they get screwed up in a magnetic field. Working in IT I am aware of this. Along with the general nature of how data is stored and other differences. Flash memory = solid state as I mentioned above. Another advantage to solid state memory is that it's pretty resilient. I've had USB storage go through the wash on a number of occasions without data loss or corruption.
  9. I think it's fair to say this one has the majority of the market. I get the impression terracaching would maybe come in a distant 2nd, but other more familiar with them may have a better perception.
  10. I did notice it has one feature that GC.com can't boast. The date column is most recent hide... 8 Idratherbeinthewoods 2099-04-01 3
  11. Just for kicks I signed up and looked around...there are two caches in the Des Moines area. One, placed on Dec 18, 2002 with zero finds. The other, placed on Sep 4th, 2002 with two finds.
  12. I assume from the fact that this case is designed for Blackberrys and that the magnet it not very strong, that I don't have anything to worry about in this case correct? Yeah, like I said, our field guys have some of these and we have no problems with them. The magnet is just enough to latch and that's it. Most electronics are manufactured pretty well and in most cases you'd have to try to do damage intentionally, so nothing to worry about. A lot of these devices are using solid state memory. And that's maybe what he was meaning to convey. However, strong magnetic fields around electronics are still never good...these little fastener things, no problem.
  13. Magnetic core memory hasn't been used for a long while. You don't have anything to worry about. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetic_core_memory Magnets can still wreak havoc on electronics if they are not shielded well from the magnetic field. That's how a hard drive can get damaged, among other problems, they don't work on magnetic infrastructure either, but put one of those bad boys in a strong enough magnetic field and watch your zeros and ones reset randomly.
  14. I thought they did. I believe so. Here is a more recent video posted: http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2008/0...ers.rescued.kgw
  15. It's right here: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=37
  16. I don't believe that anyone couldn't do some sort of 'proving' that they found the cache, even by verbal description. The OP simply presented a scenario of 'What would you do IF you couldn't?' I found it interesting that so many people answered the question by describing how they could leave proof, even when they 'overlooked' the limitations presented by the OP. That tells me that leaving proof is important to them. I’ll even bet the ones who said I don't have to prove I was there. I'm taking the find, would have made some sort of attempt. So to answer an earlier comment; No, simply holding a full logbook is not good enough for some. We’ll find a way to sign the logbook. Ridiculous as that is. We took a digital picture of the cache in our scenario...I haven't heard back from that owner yet, but so far he has allowed the smiley. I also e-mailed him to explain our situation...so, we'll see where it goes. And, in our situation, there was nothing around to mark on the log..they log was frozen and everything was snow/ice covered...it can happen. But, that's nothing to do with this particular log.
  17. Some of our field people carry that exact kind...no problem.
  18. If I were a cop, with a handle like Alabama Rambler, I'd probably rough you up some just because...
  19. Dude, you started questioning me nonsensically. I wasn't engaged in conversation with you...you butted into a conversation and expected me to answer these vague, loaded questions. I answered them. You kept prodding...not interested, so move along. Unless you want to ask something actually relevant.
  20. I am talking about all of them...we support most of the models, if not all of them, here. Especially the monochrome versions...21/22, wouldn't drop a dime on those. Seemed like maybe some of the color worked a little better in sunlight, but I still hear user complaints about glare/brightness.
  21. I hate the Zire's or Z** series in sunlight....I know that from firsthand experience. My question would be is the m500 or m515 REALLY that much better?
  22. carolnbarney, my suggestion would be if at all possible find someone locally that has these units and see if you can play with them some out in direct sunlight...to me, this is the most annoying aspect of handhelds. Personally, I still take my laptop with me in the truck when I cache because I haven't found one that I am really pleased with for paperless caching. In the rare case I'll be doing caches and want the info. mobile I'll text the pertinent ones to my phone.
  23. Generally wrong assumptions, so I'll assume you're just trolling as other didn't seem to have any problems discerning what was going on in the conversation.
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