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  1. I apologize if I missed this skimming, but what lead to your diagnosis, if you're inclined to share.
  2. I don't really keep track. I am sure value-wise a net loss. Numers-wise, I've taken out more than I've put in because I'll clean absolute junk out of caches.
  3. Both replies, purely your opinion. I did demonstrate it. You just refuse to accept it...again, your opinion. Obviously, you don't respect that some individuals would like to avoid confrontation with the cache owner. Not surprising. Similarly to our other difference...I will respect property owners by asking permission to place caches first, you won't.
  4. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. This type of particular cache is no different. If you'd enjoy placing a cache like this then it's likely because you are in a group of people that would like this type of cache. I see no good reason to exclude this kind of cache based on the feedback so far...it's seems to be typical personal preference criticisms.
  5. Haha, that's kind of funny....good to know. I never realized those were so sensitive.
  6. Does it matter what the order is? Just curious....I would think that as long as you have the coords you're good to go, but maybe you have a specific reason.
  7. No worries, mm, topics get repeated here like the movie Groundhog's Day.
  8. I don't know, I'd put those little wal-mart match containers up against a film container any day of the week.
  9. Do I get more style points for using less than you then?
  10. Did I say you said that? No, that was my opinion. Simple concept, really. As fas as being "warranted", that's purely your opinion...if the seeker at the time feels it is "warranted" then there is nothing wrong with shooting a message to the reviewer for reasons I stated previously. And contention to that is purely your opinion on the protocol.
  11. No, I don't watch much TV, but thanks for the information.
  12. That would be the route I took, personally. I am not interested in a monthly fee, but it is a cool item and program for the right people.
  13. It could, but then again remember that you'll get blowing, snow, freezing rain and other elements to re-cover those tracks. I doubt that most people just follow a single set of tracks to see where they go. In fact, I just recently published my first waymark. When we arrived here there was a beaten down path 3 feet wide from all the traffic to this little point of interest. There had been a small write-up in the local paper regarding it, so we stuck around a while playing to see who wandered by to see it, being a warm 40-some degree day there was a LOT of traffic at the park...and out of the 8 or so people that came right up that path and walked RIGHT by it sitting there facing them in broad daylight...only 2 stopped to see it and when we asked them about it they too had heard about it in the paper. So, I would be surprised if many caches were muggled this way...but, certainly possible it happens.
  14. Um, you're saying that this case being on your belt (I assume) affected the credit cards in your wallet? I doubt it, unless maybe you were carrying your cards in the case with the PDA, possibly. We have 20 - 30 guys in the field with these, or similar, cases and not a single one has reported any such problem. In fact, I used to have a money clip that held credit cards as well that had an almost identical magnetic flap and never had an issue with that. I am guessing more than likely something else caused your cards to get whacked out.
  15. What I wish existed was a way that you could create a cache preferences profile that could be used to cross-reference popular, favorite caches with people of your same or similar likeness. All grades would be hidden factors. This is what I would do...when we hit certain parts of the state I'll ask cachers I know or post a topic in the forum asking for preferences in a particular city.
  16. That's great you feel that way...you haven't demonstrated how it's out of line. Some people don't feel comfortable with confronting a cache owner and a note of concern to a reviewer is a good way for them to deal with the situation and retain animosity with the cache owner in a situation.
  17. Yeah, this topic comes up frequently in some for or other... Nothing wrong with cache permanance. Imo, it's not fair to active cache owners and properly maintained caches for them to have to be limited. I wouldn't be in favor of an archival process merely for creating cache turnover for more smileys in a given area.
  18. A note to the reviewer is never out of line. Well, unless maybe it's a threatening or flamatory one, but you know what I mean...
  19. That's fine...just don't be surprised when I no longer care to entertain vague, loaded questions. If you can't discuss the fundamentals of a topic head on...then I am probably not going to venture down that road. I understand it's an open forum, wasn't insinuating you couldn't enter into it...conversely, I don't need to bend to your style if I don't choose to. You kept hounding me with Straw Men as though I needed to entertain your questions.
  20. I wonder if, on a FTF, anyone has ever taken the cache a short distance away for a while to monitor the next person to arrive and then watch them stuggle looking for it.
  21. Try the navicache site...one navicache near me is like 4 years old with no find logs.
  22. A muggle introduced me to the concept. I heard him talking about it and took an educated guess on how to spell it and a Google search brought me here. Went home that night and found my first cache without a GPS.
  23. To help this back on track... It was good news to see they were found in good, healthy shape. And, it'll be interesting to see if anyone becomes a geocacher out of hearing about this on the news.
  24. Wonder if those Rite in the Rain products would make good log books... They work well unless your log will be wet and remain wet. They don't hold up then. But ok, that's an issue with any log...so, outside of that, are they worth the extra $$$ in your mind?
  25. I would think just the fact that it's "geocaching.com" alone pull a lot of weight with people.
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