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  1. The eTrex H should do that. Based on your description of how you will use it, it sounds as though they will be writing down the coordinates rather than recording the location with the gps. I'm guessing they can do that just fine with the eTrex H and probably able to do it by just turning the unit off and on. If you want to record the location with the gps rather than writing it down, I would take one step up and get the Venture HC - that unit comes with a USB cable that enables communication with the computer. Yeah, I want to go to any automated process that connects to a hand held PC, but that may be down the road. Right now they go to the spot, drop the tank, take the GPS reading and write it down to enter into the system electronically later. Appreciate the help. I thought that was going to be a relatively easy, straight-forward request.
  2. Yeah, I've used GPSr's for years...I am aware of that, I was simply trying to emphasize the need for simplicity and them not needing to understand how to navigate the menus. In fact, we've been doing this described process for years within the company...this isn't a new process. This is an established process. I am looking for a new device. Nothing more.
  3. My main issue is I don't want the user to have to change a single thing. Turn it on, get the info, turn it off. They aren't using it for navigation. Just simply gathering a GPS location to enter into the system. Nothing more, nothing less. The drive to a location, plop an LP tank on the ground, record the location.
  4. Correct, and when the gpsr gets a lock, the coordinates for the current location are displayed on that page. Ok, so if it fires up to the satellite page by default I can handle it if it gives me the LAT/LONG with them having to navigate. Is this what you're telling me they'll see?
  5. We used to use the Lowrance iFinder Go for our LP truck drivers to obtain a manual GPS reading to be entered into our system for LP tank location. We are looking at going to the eTrex H now for this function. Can anyone who has one, or extensive experience with one, tell me if it's possible to have the unit turn on and have the GPS reading be on the first page? Thanks.
  6. Well, you saw what happened when E.T. got a hold of a Speak n' Spell didn't you?
  7. I many places your county assessor websites will have some way to find the records online.
  8. Here is the most recent thread on this topic...I'd start with these suggestions. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=189948
  9. Didn't we cover this ground already? The reviewer say the problem was commercial content, but not what specifically what part of the listing it came from. There were 3 links on the page. Were all the links an issue? I guess anybody thats been on the forums for 5 seconds might know that. Personally, I think it's pretty obvious when looking at the content, and seeing the note the reviewer wrote, that the issue is going to be with links to a site that is selling items.
  10. I haven't done that for FTF specifically, but one of my caches is outside my work and one across the street from my parents business and when I see cachers I usually go over and introduce myself. Good times.
  11. Most people I know that are FTF hounds could care less about any physical prize. They just enjoy being the first one there and the competitive aspect of it when there are multiple FTF hounds in the vicinity to compete with.
  12. I don't have enough time to waste in my first life.
  13. The first paragraph gives instructions for contacting the reviewer by following the instructions the reviewer gave or clicking on the volunteer reviewer’s profile from the cache page and e-mail the reviewer through Geocaching.com if no other instructions were given. It doesn't explicitly say to follow the reviewer's instructions to contact appeals@geocaching.com though I guess one could interpret it that way. The second paragraph gives the appeals process and list the following order exchange of emails with reviewer ask for a review by the reviewers in their private discussion forum post in the Geocaching Topics section of the Groundspeak Forums send email to appeals@geocaching.com I believe the OP thought they were following the appeals process as outlined in the guidelines. While they didn't immediately contact Groundspeak as the reviewer requested, it may have appeared that the reviewer was the one not following the guidelines here. Update the appeals paragraphs so that it is clear that a reviewer may give instructions to contact Geocaching.com particularly in case of caches that solicit or appear to be commercial in nature. Emphasis added. Frankly, I think they should of followed the instructions provided. I agree there should have been better communication by the reviewer, but it doesn't sound like they actually did what they were asked. Also, I am a bit confused why the OP's one reply says that the e-mail response that GC.com was looking came on the the 20th then later says it was on the 25th, but that's a different issue that is maybe beside the point. *edit* Also, the steps you listed out below is in reference to the section regarding archived caches, so to me that wouldn't apply at this point in the process.
  14. You can't make an appeal if you don't know what the problem is. The first step was as they did, email the reviewer and ask for clarification. I'm not seeing the issue either and would have asked for clarification. I was under that impression at first, but looking at the OP and reading everything through I think the reviewer clearly states why.
  15. If I were in CA I'd be more concerned with the proposal to take away parental rights over students while they are at school.
  16. MUCH more adult than that! No need to report either, as I said, it gave me a view to their true character! Let's keep this friendly and on topic...THANKING those who give of themselves so we can enjoy this activity!! HAPPY CACHING ALL!! Definitely so... Agree with them on every issue or not you got to give props to people giving their time to moderate boards and review caches. It's often a thankless job. I used to admin/mod a board that was almost as busy as this one for over six years. It's work.
  17. Normally I hate stupid image replies, but I had to LOL at that one...
  18. No, no, no...this is the part where you post a screen shot with their name and all the drama ensues!
  19. Never seen that before...meaning already existing caches?
  20. If the reviewer didn't explain to them what the contention with the content was then that is unfortunate. I don't think a reviewer should default someone to GS without them having a chance to correct things without GS involvement. Maybe that happened, maybe it didn't, but there is too much clutter on the subject...so I am making a qualified, generic statement. However, it should be relatively common sense that any direct link to a website, especially one that sells something, is going to be viewed as a violation of the solicitation rule.
  21. This is got to be the most blantant example of Godwin's law I've ever seen in this forum. Just barely falls short of accusing Groundspeak of endorsing Hitler. Maybe we can get this thread locked. Can they, or can they not, by virtue of controlling the site and being in a free country, support whatever they choose? The point was merely to offset the repetitive Straw Man that was repeated thrown up that was implying those of us who don't agree with this action somehow had some issue with the owners' rights. If the date this was implemented is reflected in that thread then I've already given you the information to find numerous caches in violation that meet the criteria without spoon-feeding it to anyone. Frankly, I don't care about the date. If you're going to have guidelines and rules about such principles then it should be important enough to apply to all caches regardless of inception.
  22. Right, just don't forget the part where the same police office allows many other cars to speed by while finishing his donut. It's just that those particular models (agendas) didn't trip his trigger.
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