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  1. Good reply. I'll start logging online again, but I'm still going to keep writing limericks in the log books to weird people out. I noticed you hadn't written a limerick at this cache yet. Hey, I'm just settling in here, give me some time.
  2. It's rather simple, and the reason the question was posed. I was at the last cache writing a nice limerick in the log and realized that I hadn't logged any caches online in a long time. I am curious of other's ethical opinions on the subject and their reasoning.
  3. You can just now refer to me as Minnie the Moocher.
  4. So I have a Garmin GPS for the car which I love and I found that to 'upgrade' it, I buy City Nav NA 8 CD/DVD. I also have a GPSMAP 60CS. Can I use the same software for both? Anyone tried?
  5. Hey Leprechauns, It's been awhile since I've visited the forum, but that new frog avatar sure does creep me out for some reason. Good to see the same old faces are still regulars though. Also, is Hamstercaching (whatever that is, I can only imagine) painful?
  6. Get a grip - ive been caching for a couple of years..... the more ppl taking part, the merrier the games becomes. I know this jolly old fellow from California, see the second part of my reply, the initial was in jest. He's a good guy and will make a great addition to the geocaching community. Much unlike myself.
  7. I'm all for leaving Knives, Arrow heads, etc. But as others have said, please do wrap them appropriately. I've found a hunting knife or two without sheathes that made me shake my head.
  8. Any unspoken improvements in the GPSMAP 60CSx over the 60CS. I own the 60CS now but am hankering for that memory card slot to be able to upload all of the maps to at once and not play the map dance game anymore. Any other improvements in the 'x' that might tilt the scales?
  9. Good reply. I'll start logging online again, but I'm still going to keep writing limericks in the log books to weird people out.
  10. I use the Garmin GPSMAP60CS with the Topo maps loaded which does so. Now that they have the 'x' version with the SD slot in it, I'd recommend it even more, you can load everything on it now.
  11. But on that note, I do sign the log book, just not log it here. With that said, does it sway your opinion?
  12. Because they feel like it. Quality over quantity is my preference, and I haven't logged any here in years (though have found and signed many log books since) anyways. It's not a competition, it's about getting outdoors and exploring new places, if you start looking at it that way, none of the hyperinflation will matter anyways.
  13. So I've been caching since '02, having done so around the US, found a lot of fun places because of it (Deep Creek Hot Springs in CA, Centralia in PA, etc). I always went for quality of unique caches over quantity. A couple years back I quit logging my caches here because, well, I have no reason. Am I doomed to a doot bucket in hell? In my defense, I don't take Travel Bugs anymore because I can never be assured of when or where I'll cache next.
  14. I agree with the other posters. It's new geocachers like you that make veteran cachers not want to 'officially' participate anymore. (Hi CoTC! He's not really a bumophile everyone, though a doot bucket would be in proper order for his next cache.)
  15. I think the logical conclusion would be that a 1/1 should be wheelchair accessible in the cache placer's sole opinion. If it has actually been tested by a wheelchair bound person, it should also include the attribute to confirm it is a 'sure-thing'.
  16. My main problem with Mapsource Topo is the lack of many trails that are on Mapsend Topo's maps.
  17. Yeah, the 60CS is a tad bulky, but not too bad. It's not that big of an issue though, it'll be sitting in a side pouch on my day pack, attached via lanyard.
  18. Well, I just went to REI and looked at the selection and ended up getting a GPSMAN 60CS, CitySelect v7, Topo, and the Topo 24k West software packages. After playing with the 60CS a bit in person, it seemed like a good fit. I also picked up the Topo! Streets & 3D Views add-on as it seems it adds USB GPS support to Topo! state products so that solves the connection issue with the new 60CS. I'm a happy camper now. Is there any 'knacks' I should be aware of with the 60CS before I take it out to Joshua Tree this weekend? Thanks for the input.
  19. Just found that mapview page. Thanks for the replies. That's quite the stinker, though. Oh well, another $100 down the drain.
  20. Thanks for the reply. This could be highly annoying. Hopefully someone that has personal experience with the software can verify definitively whether or not it does.
  21. Well, after 3 years of extremely heavy usage, my Meridian Platinum bit the dust. I'm currently in the market for a new GPS and would like recomendations for a new unit primarily for hiking. I'd like the unit to be a small and lightweight as possible while still maintaining a feature set at least matching the Meridian Platinum's. The unit must have software available for it which includes good Topo maps with Trails and/or Trailheads for National AND State Parks, along with other popular area trails (I'm in Southern California). I do a lot of off-trail hiking/bushwhacking and am known to 'abuse' my unit (In a good way, I take care of it when I'm back in the rear). My current considerations are the Garmin GPSMAP 60CS and the Magellan eXplorist 600. Price is not a consideration (within reason), I'll be happy to pay a couple thousand for a solution that will last me another 3 years. Thanks for any advice you may have to offer,
  22. I know that the Garmin Topo 24k Software, seperated by 3 Regions in the United States, includes the high resolution maps for National Parks in that Region. I am curious if it also includes the standard 1:100k topo for the rest of the entire region it covers? (Like the Western United States, for my purposes) Or do I have to purchase the standard Topo software in addition to get the trails and topo maps for the State Parks in California? Thanks in advance,
  23. US Army. Injured myself in a parachuting accident (military) while stationed over at Southern European Task Force in Vicenza, Italy and was medically retired.
  24. Nevermind got my question answered elsewhere. Thanks.
  25. $110 seems extremely reasonable to me; I honestly don't see how anyone can feel such a price isn't justified for 12 hours of a hands-on instructor led course...
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