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  1. My Garmin GPS III is not receiving the sats at all. It's like it's not getting any signal from the antenna. I tried both of the antennas I have. The stock stick and a powered magnetic antenna that can placed on the roof of the car. Everything thing points to the BNC contact on the back of the GPSr. Or its in the unit its self. Anyone have any ideas? Everything works fine, the Sat page shows sats but no bars for the sats. Garmin web site says "Repair services no longer available." for there GPS III Or worse case, Anyone have a cheap GPSr i can buy ???
  2. I'm in need of a one also. My Garmin GPS III died on me.
  3. I'm doing the best of both worlds....... Found 4 the 1st day out on the bike in years due to health reasons. Great 20 mile ride
  4. Since your laptop does not have a serial port you will need to add one. There are a number of ways to do this. The easiest is the one you mentioned... get an adapter 1. Get a Serial to USB Adapter 2. Get a Serial Port PCMCIA (PCCARD) Go with option 1, it will cost you about $30 to $40. The PCCARD would be a lot more. Thanks! I try #1.
  5. I have a cable like the one shown below.... What would I need to hook my Laptop PC? My laptop only has USB on it. Do I need a new cable or can I get a adapter from the serial to USB? Any help Please. Also Thanks in advance
  6. Where can I down load it from?
  7. Depends on how far I went to get to the site. mostly about up to 30 min's.
  8. I move to far from 2 caches I have and need to put up for adoption. They are End of the line and Across from the X-ing.. Would like to see them to go a good owner. Let me know!
  9. Are there any groups in the Bradenton area? Just moved here and looking for a way to kill a little time.
  10. You might take a look at this thread and see what folks have to say. Night caches are obviously intended to be done in the dark and that is what makes them have an entirely different set of rules. They often are multicaches where you are looking for reflectors or other types of lighting to find the cache. If they are done well they add a very interesting dimension to the hunt. I'd love to go find some of the ones I have heard about in the forums here. Thanks for the link, Good info! Now to find one near me.
  11. Lucky you I did about 30 miles of it when I was in my early teens, Started 30 miles north of the Delaware water Gap and hiked south to the Gap! I loved it. When we got back to Camp Spears (YMCA sleep away camp) they said that the Delaware river is now safe for the canoe trip I originally signed up for. Got the best of both worlds in that 2 weeks. Oh, Yes, I do have 8+ hours to view your slides
  12. 1. Walking though a store looking a product containers that would make good cache containers. Rather then the product itself. 2. You plan your day of errands around cache locations. 3. Always on the look out for new cache location. Have any to add to the list?
  13. What and how do they work? Seen them talked about.
  14. Careful with the dating, that can turn in a life time of $$$$$ Here's my hobby that I use Geocaching to get away from due to $$$$$ www.y2kota.us. Geocaching, $50 for a used GPSr $20 rechargeable batteries $40 for a backpack $30 for a Premium Membership $7 for camo duct tape Anything else I've needed I already have That's about it for me so far Best part is the non recurring cost as in many hobbies other have listed.
  15. Forgot to include that the prior owner used Velcro to attach the GPS to the bean bag. That seem to work good. Oh, yea, becarfull with fast turns with the windows open
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