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  1. I agree with everything everybody already said. I'll add two things to it. 1, The harder you look, the harder it will be to find. 2, Bring a walking stick to help find the cache. It helps to scare away things that might bite!! Oh, one more, Keep it fun.
  2. I just bought a used Garmin V with the City Select Ver. 3 Map source. I'm was able to install the my laptop is telling me that I need the ISScript 9. Thats it. any thing else I get messages that I need to install by useing setup.exe When I try the install via the Setup app I get "Please start this CD install from the the Setup CD." I even tried going to the Start menu and doing a search for "Run" and trying to install from there via "F:\setup" and get the "Please start this CD install from the the Setup CD." The lap top is running Vista. Please, anyone out in Geocaching land help me!!!
  3. Warning, If you ride to it, Its all UP hill to it! I did all the time when I was a teenager, but now I didn't think I could to it. But I would love to.
  4. What part of Jersey are you in? I grew up in Parsippany. Here's on of the caches I got last month when I was in town. Observation
  5. How many did you find? Try different helmets. They don't all fit and feel the same way. I just got a Giro Pneumo helmet. Fits great.
  6. Good feeling isn't it! Welcome aboard!! Check out http://www.floridacaching.com
  7. Theres a all series of caches in town here at bus stops. Twice in one day I had to wave the bus on after he stopped to pick me and my bike up. I was sitting in side the covered bus stop signing the log. Must have been a site to see. Me sitting with my bike, helmet and sunglasses next to me on the bench. Talk about a bad case of helmet hair!
  8. Thanks for the replys! Great info. I down loaded EasyGPS and waiting for the Garmin V to show up.
  9. I'm replacing my Garmin III with a Garmin V. Can I transfer the waypoints from the III to my Laptop and back into the V? The V is coming with cables and software. Any help would be useful here. I never hooked up the old Garmin III to my computer before. Thank!!!
  10. I have the LG 550 (Fusic) phone with Sprint and use the Geocache Navigator. Its works great! Gets me close to GZ, but not as close as a pure bread GPS unit would. I like it because I can find caches any time I'm out and didn't plan on caching.
  11. Good luck and have fun!! I've been riding my bicycle and catching a lot lately. Doing about 20 miles and finding about 3 a day. Could find more but time is limited for me. Once again, Have FUN!!
  12. Y2KOTA


    Thanks, I bookmarked the link to her page. I like the "pre-camo'ed" ones.
  13. Backround, I grew up in North Jersey, I've seen a few back then. I saw in another post somewhere here in these forums about why would someone need to pack a gun. Then I saw this on a different forum I belong to and thought it would fit in here just nice
  14. What are you? A nut job? Everyone knows that's just a urban legend! You spend way to much time on the conspiracy theory web sites. The tracing chip is really in the base of the neck. There less movement then the head and gives a more accurate reading on your movements.
  15. Sounds like a fun 50 days! Good luck and have fun!
  16. When you sit down in restaurant and check your mobile device for near by caches before looking at the menu. After ordering, you excuse yourself to go get that cache across the street. Been there, done it!!
  17. I'm looking for a Garmin GPS V. Anyone have one for sale? Thanks Don 817 875-9812
  18. Do you still have the Garmin GPS V for sale?
  19. Good thinking. Its hold all my waypoints , routes and stuff fine. Thats with or without any batteries.
  20. OK first off, how did you determined that it is the BNC socket on the GPS? Were you using it one day and all of a sudden you lost the signal but couldn't get a signal or was the unit not used for a couple of months and when you now turn it on you don't see anything after a couple of minuets? You might just need to download new almanac data from the sats. https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=155 How or where do I download new almanac data from the sats? The signal seemed to fad over a 2 or 3 day time frame. OK, about the "V", That would be a step up for me. A baby step at least
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