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  1. Sorry about the news. Hope all works out. Mail has been sent. Thank you.
  2. My 1st choice.. My 2nd choice..
  3. This cache is now on top of my dream list of caches to find!!
  4. Think I'm going to leave it up and running. 2 other caches within a few 1000 feet are boat/kayak only. So it not like its the only one around. In fact I'm hoping to go kayaking so to get the 2 soon.
  5. Don't know way I didn't list the cache itself, GC1GRXZ. You can see what I mean, the bridge to the west of the land is closed.
  6. OK, I've upped the Terrain and Difficulty rating and adjusted the Attributes.
  7. Thats cool! Easy way to waste a lot of time on!
  8. I placed a cache just east of a bridge that was just closed for 45 days for repairs. The cache is about 300 yards down the road from the beginning of the bridge. Two days later (today) I went back to upgrade the cache container. Only to find the road is now blocked .62 miles east of the cache. With no real legal parking near the new road block to compound the issue. So I went back into the listing and added the following.... Do you feel that this is significant for now? I don't want to archive the listing due to that its still accessible by small boat or kayak. Thanks!
  9. Theres a whole range of GPSr gear for bicycling also.
  10. Railroads are using them for train control.
  11. Heres a link thats shows a few.... http://shop.Groundspeak.com/productList.cfm?categoryID=13 These are EVIL as some Cachers put it.... Thats why I use them for some of my caches.
  12. I found out about Geocaching when a Dodge Dakota club modeled a travel bug after my Dakota. More info about that here
  13. Thanks, but I got garmin on the phone and they helped! And YES he is an American based in Kansas, not some 3rd world country. Thanks Garmin!
  14. I'm in need of a setup disk for the City Select. I'm hitting the road next week. I have the bottom 2, its the top one I'm in need of. Can some one me out here? I did call Garmin with no luck. Thanks!!
  15. Works great! Its a nice step up from the GPS III I had. Just need to get the Setup disk for the City Select. I bought a cable to I can hook it up yo my laptop. and the software doesn't work But all in all I love it.
  16. Can you remove any of these "screen protectors" without damaging the screen?
  17. Thanks RWS, The top CD is the one I'm in need of. I do have the unlock code, serial # and the registration code.
  18. Contact the owner you bought it all used from and see if he/she didn't inadvertently forget to include the 3rd disk. If the original owner no longer has the missing disk then contact Garmin, explain what has happened and ask for a replacement disk. I suppose it gets worse if that fails... I did e-mail the past owner, I thinks there is only the 2. but he looking for the 3rd. If he can't find it, Contacting Garmin will be my next step. Thanks.
  19. I'm riding my bicycle & caching now. Best of both worlds!
  20. Thats what friends are all about! Advice? Just keep reading the forum here. There's a lot of great folks here and even more great info to read about! Welcome to the gang!!
  21. 3 disks? Thats not good. I only got 2. What are my options now?
  22. I have 2 disks, 1 of 2 and 2 of 2. Disk 2 just has 2 data files on it. The 1 disk has install programs, but I can't get them to install.
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