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  1. And you got this to it's location how? The concrete ‘tube’ (300 pounds) was taken with a tractor and I was able to get it 25 feet from it’s final location. Tug, roll and flip to get it set in place. Then I poured 3 bags of sack-create (180 pounds) around the base. The bottom of the tube has rebar out the sides so the concrete I did on location keeps it from tipping over. Then I secured the metal cache (30 pounds) in the concrete with bolts formed in the concrete. The camo was done with 3 tubes of liquid nails, bark, expanding spray foam and paint on sight WOW lots of work in this cache!
  2. Trimble makes a product called Geocache Navigator. I use it on my Blackberry curve and have found several caches with it. Same here but change the several to many!
  3. Cool idea. to bad I'm less then 500 miles from one.
  4. Nothing as fun as some of you others, just poison ivy on the arms. Hope thats it for me.
  5. GREAT thread! Wish I had some shots like that to share from finds.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. You beat to the request. I see how it would help.
  7. I do this quite alot! Thats a good idea!
  8. Thats how I started out. I got a used GPSr for $60 after about 30 finds they same way your doing it. Its all about having fun
  9. Slow down and smell the flowers What difficulty level are you looking for? You need to look for something not in place.
  10. Leave the info in your will on what and how you want it done. I need to redo my will and I was thinking about this topic myself.
  11. WOW great work! Oh, by the way..... the Devil will get you for those
  12. How do I upgrade that? - Elle Hey, I have the GPSr in the photo, Its a great little old timer unit
  13. I had a Garmin III for about a year, stepped up to newer one, Garmin V a few months ago. Old tech but it does the job!
  14. Now I'm not sure who is to blame, but PLEASE fix it!
  15. I have (had) a micro under a park bench, The bench just a disappeared one day. A few weeks later it was back. Someone rebuilt it, minus my cache. So I replaced the cache. That was about 2 months ago. 3 days ago its gone again. I'm working a new hiding place for a new cache.
  16. bought used, I have a Garmin GPS V. Works for geocaching with all the bell and whistles. Its teamed up with my Blackberry 8330 Curve loaded with Geocache Navigator. The 2 work out OK. But I'm afraid to look at the new GPSs out now. Just cause then my old one would need to be upgrade.
  17. Take a look down the right side.....http://www.geocaching.com/seek/ Hope this helps.
  18. Issue solved. The site was plowed down due to the nearby construction at GZ. Had to temporarily disabled A needle in a pine needle stack till they open the bridge.
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