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  1. TOTT Super link! Thanks!
  2. LOL Thats great! Hope a lot of new folks will watch it
  3. I've had my blackberry Curve 8330 since last fall sometime. Using Geocache Navigator with it. It's all I need to go up-dated/paperless caching! I love the combination of the two. Almost don't need a GPS with it. Till you drop your BB in the dirt
  4. DO NOT hide caches on Rail Road right of way. DO NOT hide caches on Rail Road signal equipment, power boxs, X-ing gates etc...... No madder how old or abanded the equipment looks, It's still on Railroad property!!!!
  5. Thats tooooo cool Just ordered one though Amazon.com. Thanks!!
  6. This works for the find by name option. It didn't used to work for the find nearest option. But once you are in the list of caches that match your name then you can hit menue again and should have the various delete options. Thanks, that where it was hiding Cleared them all out!
  7. I've downloaded all the waypoints to Mapsource on my PC. Went though them in mapsource. I cleaned out the old found caches that I didn't delete when I found them. All did some other house cleaning. Now I want to empty the waypoints in the GPS and reload the cleaned up batch. I know theres a way to remove all the way points in the Garmin V with a push of a button. But can't find it! I looked all over the manual with no luck. Can someone help me here Thanks
  8. I use it about half the time. At times I still need more help Triple post, Yea I need the hints, as you can see I need all the help I can get
  9. No problems with the clips here but those containers leak.... I have had 2 of them out for about a year and they both started leaking pretty early on. Not much but just enough to be annoying and ruin swag. Oh drat, I've bought some of these things as well. I tested one by sinking it in a bowl of water over a weekend and it stood up to that perfectly, but I guess it must be the thermal cycling that it doesn't like. I wont buy any more then and keep my others for caches that aren't too exposed. Enjoying this thread by the way, I've read the whole thing over a few nights. Pinfold Pinfold, I couldn't find the the type of container you were referring to. What type is it? Thanks
  10. Part about the phone services from Garmin I like is they are in the USA!
  11. Forget about which to roll it up! I'm just happy when I get it to fit back in without causing any (more) damage to the log
  12. Local Ace hardware store has them.
  13. I agree with StarBrand about the violation of the guidelines part. I've seen the velcro placed with a staple gun. Good luck.
  14. I carry a red LED flashlight to help with nightcaching.
  15. If so what software would work. Free software would be nice To bad it couldn't link into GC.com
  16. Reason number 416 why I want one Your only at 416? Hit that long time ago. Watching e-bay and my b-day coming up soon
  17. Put aside the $$$ of the cache..... How much to fill it with swag
  18. Had the same issue last week. Found that the ones I got have 2 thin magnets in them. 1 works almost as good 2. The 1 magnet caches I'll use in a upright hide. I did use super glue to glue them into the base. Hope that helps a little.
  19. Mix of old and new here... Blackberry with the Geocache Navigator & Garmin V.
  20. Thinking about this.... I just checked a UPS next day air, it got snowed in at LOUISVILLE, KY just as your did. Then again in SHAWNE, OK...... SHAWNEE, OK, US 01/27/2009 2:45 P.M. EMERGENCY CONDITIONS BEYOND UPS' CONTROL 01/27/2009 2:15 P.M. ......................................... LOUISVILLE, KY, US 01/27/2009 8:25 A.M. DEPARTURE SCAN 01/27/2009 6:47 A.M. ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS LOUISVILLE,KY, US 01/26/2009 11:24 P.M. ARRIVAL SCAN
  21. You just got to laugh it off. It should get to you intact.
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