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  1. does the song sometimes inlcude muttering and grumbling????? Yes, the longer it took to find the cache, more of it there is. Sometimes #$@& are mixed in with it.
  2. Y2KOTA

    Cell Phone

    Well, there is this: "Instanotify" Notification Service. I have email on my phone so it's Kind of the samething.... Same here. I've gotten at least 2 FTFs with it.
  3. My song changes depending on how long it took to find the cache.
  4. I'm tiring to get it to work on my Blackberry 8330.
  5. I just got my PN-40 2 days ago. Love it. Try this link for a compare the PN- 20,30,40........ http://www.delorme.com//PN40/images/PNSeri...arisonChart.pdf Take a look and see whats new.
  6. My buddy sold the GPS the day after I 1st saw this post. Sorry.
  7. Not to use as a long-term solution?? my 8330 is not my main GPSr. Its a info organizer and helps my keep track of my finds and DNFs. Just retired my Garmin GPS V for a DeLorme Earthmate PN-40.
  8. I have the same phone. I'm using Geocache Navigator with it. Not only does it work great. But you can find caches where ever you go. Its link right into the GC.com data base for up to date caches info. I got a few FTFs just by being in the right area at the right time and happen to check to see what caches were near by. I check for near by caches where ever I go. P.S. I use it on the Sprint network.
  9. I think my buddy may have one for sell. When I see him on Monday I'll ask him.
  10. I just got a 8GB one off of e-bay for $16.50. But same as Jeep4two said, check the max your unit can handle.
  11. If this thread makes anyone to have the urge to sell there PN-40 and get something else, Let me know. I'll be in the market for a PN-40 in the next week or so.
  12. It could be the the PN-40 has faster chips so it gets you to GZ as fast as you walk up to it.
  13. I did find the PN-Series Comparison Chart PDF..... http://www.delorme.com/library/hardware/PN...arisonChart.pdf
  14. Must be really new! I didn't find it at all on the Delorme web site.
  15. Beer and brats at my place. I'll be there! Lets start a list
  16. I have one cache that I took large washer and forced it between the seat plank and the up-right. That holds my magnetic nano just fine.
  17. I lived closer and my truck was a 4X4, I would be up for it Sorry, cheap bump
  18. I always carry a Tick Spoon. Once again, Google fails me in this thread. Google images returns pictures of The Tick shouting his war-cry... ...but I'm talking about one of these: It pops those embedded ticks off like nothing! Linky Oh, I'm sure others have noticed already, but even up here in NH, we've already got ticks out. Snow's not even gone yet... I just ordered 2. Thanks for the link. P.S. they are having a summer special, buy 1, get 1 free.
  19. That is exactly what I am planning to use. The wife will donate one, I'll take it down to my woodworking shop and fashion a small handle on the end. If it turns out well I will make a big batch of them and leave them as swag. I've made the same basic item out of paper clips. Nice to have with you when you're having a all thumbs day
  20. 50 miles, 5 stages is the longest one I ever came across. Got FTF on it to boot!!!
  21. Thats tooooo cool Just ordered one though Amazon.com. Thanks!! Just an update..... I just used my EMF Detection Meter to help me find a magnetic cache that I didn't find on my 1st trip out to it
  22. I've seen the FTF before the admin publishes it lately. Its not what you think it looks like. Its somehow just show up like that. Just the last few weeks it been happening from what I remember.
  23. 1) Daily Finds: 0.556 per day (3.9 per week, 203 per year) 2) FTF Amount: 27 3) Mood right now: Geocaching, Good 8) Enjoying this poll: So far, Came back to this, Yes! 9) Wish to be cache reviewer: At times 10) Had log book wet when hiding first cache: nope 11) Asked many questions when new geocacher: yup 12) Actually read the whole guidelines(don't lie): Yes 13) Love to post no matter what: No 14) Love to help people: Sure 15) Get mad sometimes when your GPS jumps around: No 16) Never give up on a find: Most of the time, even if it take a few trips back to it. 17) Most creative geocache container you ever found: Many by a local cacher here in FL 18) Most common geocache container you ever found: Mircos 19) Asked friends and family to join Geocaching.com: All the time 20) Took you many times to find your first geocache: No 21) First geocache you hid did'nt work out too good: no, it was the 3rd. 22) Finally am good at geocaching and don't have many problems: Like to think so --------------------------------------------------- Earth day poll: 1) Actually care about your earth: YES 2) Every geocache you pick up trash: Most of the time 3) You became/want (to be) a volenteer for Earth Day: Not this year 4) Think earth day is a every day thing: YES 5) Made a pledge to do helping deeds: YES 6) Powered down lights for 1 minute or more: All the time 7) Huged a tree: While caching today! 8) Made a cache involving Earth Day: Not this year 9) Found a cache involving Earth Day: nope 10) Did/Made an CITO event involving Earth Day: nope 11) Planted a tree: Yea but not to day 12) Has a garden that is well moderated and looks beautiful: Yea and uses little water 13) Helps animals endangered: I try 14) Picks up trash around beaches, ponds and lakes: yes, long before it was the green thing to do.
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