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  1. http://cheaperthandirt.com/ammocans_bdhf.htm
  2. My comes from the 2000 Dodge Dakota I drive... Y2KOTA My web site about it! But this is the TB is what got me hooked on Geocaching
  3. Share something you've learned about hunting out caches. It could be some thing as simple or some old time secret that you learned a long time ago! I know I could use some pointers in finding caches. Some other newbies could most likely use them too Thanks!
  4. I sent a e-mail to Garmin about the how accurate are the readings on my Garmin GPS III, Here's the meat of the reply I got back...... "I would suggest you walk or drive a familier path to check the accuracy. There is no technical procedure to follow. " I'm still new at this, what else can I add, if that's what I got from Garmin!!! Oh, I know, it was suggested to me to check the "Datum" setting. Some else should be able to help with that part.
  5. $200 for a lifetime subscription! WHERE DO I SIGN UP I've been asked the same thing.
  6. Thanks again for the help. The "Datum" setting was the ticket, I don't understand it, but its now puts me within a few feet of a cache.
  7. Dear Mr. 2oldfarts (the rockhounders)and others, I'm writing this post to inform you that in fact you were right about the "Datum" setting in my GPSr. After consulting with the owners manual, Indeed the "Datum" was set to a another setting then the default setting of WGS 84. After a few minutes of quality time with my GPSr, hopefully were good to go. Time will tell. Stopped at one cache I haven't been able to find on the way home from work this morning. Checked the coordinates to as listed by the hider, they are right on the money Still can't find the micro cache I'll go back when I'm rested and in good day light Thanks
  8. Thanks Sputnik 57 and others for the info. I'll try Position Settings and see what happens.
  9. I checked the coordinates, I'm 99.99% sure I'm comparing apples to apples. OK, I'll check my 'Datum'. Hmmmmm How, what & where is a 'Datum' on my GPS? I looked in the manual and don't see anything about that. I may know as something else.
  10. I went back to a cache that I could find by using other means that I have founds with. Such as the maps on the "View Cache Details" pages, other clues and common sense The GPSr sent me about 300ft to the west. I ended up in the middle of the street of the neighborhood next to the park that the cache is in I also went to anther cache I did find. The cell phone I just bought with the Geocache Navigator™ installed was reading right on the money. While the GPSr coordinates are constantly off by latitude minutes of 00.020 and longitude minutes of 00.080. I would love to be able to find a way to check so I can have full confidence in the unit. Any help here would be very appreciated If it maters its a Garmin GPS III
  11. Ture about the tires and changeing the size of them. If want to check the difference in size and accuracy vs. the stock ones, this site would help... DML Tire and Wheel Calculator Side note, Its these great guys at the DML I blame for getting me hooked on Geocaching
  12. Checked the speed part of it whit my son while driving, It was right on! Found the web site http://www.geocaching.com/mobile/ is pretty on the money about how it works. I'm happy with it for what it is. The $6.95 per month is high, but just starting out I find it worth it.
  13. I just got the Fusic phone by LG for Sprint. I did down load Geocaching Navigator. Seeing I don't have a GPSr (Should be getting one UPS tomorrow!). But, anyway, Its fair for using as GPS only. But its super for finding info about caches in the area. I'll post more later. I have to run.
  14. Thanks for the post, I was wondering the same thing!
  15. I'm just starting out, GPS is coming UPS. So far I've found a few with out a GPS. using just the aerial photos from the maps. Grant you I'm starting out with the easy ones But I can see the fun and challenge in it
  16. Looked at the specs of the LG Fusic, think I'm going to get one in the next few days
  17. Some great info in this thread! Sprint now has a $100 mail in rebates on the Sanyo M1 and a $50 for the LG Fusic phone.
  18. Thanks for the info guys! Its been a help. Gave me some stuff to look into and think about my needs. Thanks again.
  19. Not stuck yet..... Never piss off a guy with a backhoe. The best one I've seen is here, Wish my camera worked this day
  20. Thanks from another newbie
  21. New guy to geocaching and GPS here. How well would a GPS embedded cell phone work out with Geocaching? Figure I could kill 2 birds with one stone. I saw on line GPS software for the phone. Any input would be helpful. Phone I'm looking at is the...... Sprint Power VisionSM Phone M1 by Sanyo®..... E911 Emergency Location Enabled Features an embedded Global Positioning System (GPS) chip necessary for utilizing the E911 emergency location services, where available.
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