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  1. Heres what I learned, look at the given numbers in the coords. N 44° 54.020 W 093° 24.653 For the final GZ, it needs to be within a set range of the posted GZ. N 44° 5 & W 093° 2 should be a given. Compare the the puzzle clues and questions to the coords and work from there.


    Hope this helps. Think I explained the idea.


    So is there a point where Geocachers loose interest in that part of the game and just focus on the find?




    I agree with others as far as being stealthy goes. Stealth is a part of the game that some people find fun and others don't. I find it interesting and part of the challenge. The part about losing interest in stealth and focusing on the find, time to walk away is when your having issues finding the cache and it no longer fun :angry: Time to move on.

  3. Good luck! I use it as a therapy, sort of - I have chronic depression and the exercise and activity really helps clear my head.


    If I didn't sneak out and go caching every so often my depression would be a lot worses then it is. I use to ride my bike to caches and that would help also. The shame is that I've gotten all the caches with a bike ride from my house. Caching does help with clearing my head and calming my nerves.

  4. Sounds like a great idea! About placing caches on the hospital property, if hidden properly, you may just want to leave them in place. Of course get the official OK from whom ever you need to. Also let the guy in charge of grounds know what and where they are. Good luck with it and keep us updated.

  5. so I just purchased a PN-40 and I WAS loving it, its accurate and fast. I put some caches on it to test it out and all was good. Next when I hook i up to my computer and update the firmware. Now it won't send the geocach information "Waypoint indexing problem".

    WTF is going on!


    EDIT: GOT IT PEOPLE! mod, please delete

    Please can you tell us how because I have the same problem, just saying it's fixed is really annoying!


    Same here!!

  6. Bottom line is, If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.


    I represent a company that that offers a services that has helped me once while caching and my family many time with other legal issues over the years. Last year I inquired with Groundspeak about advertising and they turned me down. Perhaps I'll give it another try.

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