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  1. The Excel viewer will not support CacheMaps (or is it that CacheMaps doesn't support the viewer? icon_rolleyes.gif)

    I tested OpenOffice in a very early stage of development. It does not work.

    Both due to the fact that CacheMaps is using a lot of VBA coding.


    I thought about programming it in C++ or Java. But I do not have any experience in these and having the interface and storage possibilities already available in Excel, the choice was made quit fast. And at the point that I started programming I had only in mind to automate the typing of online map url's. It just ended up this way.


    Sorry if CacheMaps does not support your favorite application platform.


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    CacheMaps homepage:


  2. For maps (OSGB) combined with WGS84 caches, you can use CacheMaps. It supports downloading cache info en show it on several OSGB datum maps at your choice. Datum conversion is done internally and shown with the waypoints if you want.

    On the download area you can also find a convertor for WGS84 to OSGB.


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  3. A little late, but probably usefull...

    CacheMaps can generate maps on demand for the area you need. It is based on MapBlast maps. Not very detailed, but handy for projecting caches.

    Here is an example of some SA caches on a ClickMap generated by CacheMaps:

    Bulk River Dam cache.


    If you have any questions, just ask...


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  4. I looked through my collection of mapservers and I know of two servers that specifically support Germany:

    Map24 and Yahoo. But these two do not show coords with there maps.


    A very workable option is using CacheMaps. CacheMaps gives you the possibility to create your own AreaMap based on MapBlast maps. Start with the Europe map, dubble click a point in Germany, get an AreaMap for the area with a wide range, dubble click on a more specific spot, get a map and so on. CacheMaps can show you any coord that is on the AreaMap. And you can load any AreaMap. A single click will show the coords under the cursor.

    Additionally, after the dubble click you can request for any online map (e.g. the mentioned Map24 or Yahoo) for more details on a supported scale. Yahoo has very much details for Germany.


    Download cache waypoints for German caches and you can show them on the AreaMap, show all details offline (if you uses a gpx file) and get detailed maps for the cache area.


    This was a part of the CacheMaps possibilities in a nutshell. If you need more explanation or help on specific features, please let me know.


    Good luck caching Germany,


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  5. Sure this is possible. That's one of the features of CacheMaps. It creates overview maps of all caches you select from your own list. It keeps status. It creates clickable maps as you desire.

    It give you the opportunity to instantly access 20 differtent online maps.

    And many more!


    Version 3.1 is just out now.






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  6. quote:
    Originally posted by Sissy-n-CR:

    Curious. Is the reason that you say to install Excel 2000 is to have .NET Framework installed on on your machine? I installed it when I was checking out QuakeMap.

    The reason you need Excel is that CacheMaps is actually an .xls application, written in VBA. It used the Excel GUI and possiblities of storing data.


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  7. CacheMaps v3.1 available for download. New features:

    - Clickable maps can be generated

    - Usage counters on online map pages

    - Logfile added

    - new maps: MapEze and WhereAreYou

    - GPXSpinner support

    - Status 'Failed' added

    - some small bugs fixed




    You can download CacheMaps here.

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  8. Look at the CacheMaps site. Here is a free converter in Excel. Also a Mass Convertor if you have a lot of waypoints to convert.

    But if you use CacheMaps itself, you don't need a converter. It does it all for you. Plus a lot more.


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  9. Buy a cable and use CacheMaps. It manages your cache waypoints and gives a lot of online and offline maps at a click. Plus your own creation of clickable maps.


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  10. I use no GPS when the wheather conditions force me to. Or when trees are in the way. It is not more or less fun. It's just other fun.

    You will need a detailed (topo) map and the ability to read coord on the map.


    Have fun!


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  11. Use CacheMaps and all your conversion problems are gone. CacheMaps supports 20 online maps now plus offline maps in for example OziExplorer or ExpertGPS.

    No need anymore to find that site with that nice map. No more conversion of waypoints.


    Try it!


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  12. That's where I created Cachemaps for.

    You load your GPX file with hundreds of waypoints into CacheMaps. Select the once you're gonna find today, directly show online maps for these and upload them to your GPS.

    After found and an update of the GPX, the status is automatically changed and the color shown on the overview map changes too.

    You can select any overview map you want. You create them instantly from MapBlast or download pre-calibrated ones from the internet. There are thousands out there!


    Have a look at my website for more info.


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  13. You can use CacheMaps to retreive a wide range of online maps for your caches.

    Load your caches into cachemaps, select the one you want a map for, select what map and there you go. Over 20 different online maps supported.

    And if you want to use other software like ExpertGPS or OziExplorer, the waypoinst can be send directly to it.

    Not supported software (like the ones mentioned above) can be easily added using small external configuration files.

    Look at the site and if you have questions, please ask.


    Happy hunting!


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  14. quote:
    Originally posted by bogtrotter_ie:

    For the life of me I cannot find how to get a map with all the caches in Ireland marked on it. Bogtrotter

    If standard maps are not helping, create your own one using CacheMaps. It shows you a selectable map of any area in the world with the caches you imported on it.

    In the coming version you can generate your own clickable map.

    Unfortunally I don't know of good online maps to use in Ireland.

    You can try http://getamap.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/. This one only coveres Northern Ireland.


    http://www.multimap.com coveres the whole country (the whole world). I am still looking for routines to convert coords to be able to use this map automatically.


    I was in Belfast last week. Had no time for Geocaching but did visit the Crown pub and had some Guiness icon_smile.gif


    Happy Hunting




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  15. Originally posted by bodisafa:

    What I want to do is to change the Icon and whether or not the text will show up on the GPS/map. QUOTE]

    If you can detail for me what fields are involved, I can check if you can do it with CacheMaps. If not already supported, I can add that feature.

    Another point is the output format you need for your Garmin GMSmap 76. Is this format supported by GPSBabel? If so you can create it from CacheMaps.

    So, it can be done. Just give me the details.


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