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  1. From what I saw, it appears to me to have been a licensing issue, and non-compete issue. Being that Utahadmin was a volunteer and was working for/ with a competing company it seems to me that GS was within its rights to terminate the business relationship they had.

    Where is the conflict?


    GC.com does not sell coins. CachingPlace does not list caches.

  2. I am here to protest UtahAdmin being relieved of his cache approving duties by GC.com. UtahAdmin has served the geocachers of Utah well and we will miss him greatly. I think it is really shortsighted of GC.com to terminate UtahAdmin over a conflict of interest issue. How silly! What is GC.com worried about? UtahAdmin's other business is a great compliment to GC.com, where is the conflict? We in Utah love UtahAdmin more that GC.com and are most distressed that GC.com has been so heavy handed and arbitrary in this decision. GC.com has enhanced their image of being a company that is greedy and out of touch with their customers. If there was a viable alternative (to GC.com), I would be making tracks there right now.


    bye, UtahAdmin

  3. Just a question about the new "logs" column in GSAK.


    The number displayed there is not the same as "total logs" on the cache page.


    What is the purpose of this column, the number of logs reported seems to be quite arbitrary. I was hoping that it would report the same number of logs as on the cache page. Is that info sent in the GPX file?


    Even on a cache that I placed recently, the numbers don't match.


    Thanks for a great program

  4. This is a great thread. Thanks for starting it. :anitongue:

    While attending an event a cachers truck broke down on a rough mountain road. He had to leave his truck miles from civilization and then had to be out of town for the next week. Several other cachers spent a day, retrieved his truck and left it in front of his house.


    There is a cache at the spot where the truck broke down. Scout Master's Misery


    Friends helping friends, it doesn't get much better ;)

  5. I am a little confused about the add a picture option on user notes.  I added a picture expecting to see the pic show up.  All I saw was the location of the pic.


    Like this:


    "<img src='file://C:\Documents and Settings\Dewayne Dean\My Documents\puzzler.JPG' alt='picture'><Br>"


    is this how this is supposed to work?

    Please see this post

    Thanks Clyde,


    I was looking for the photo on the notes page. :lol:


    Awesome program.


    Awhile back there was some discussion about being able to donate $ to GSAK after we have registered. Did anything ever come of that?

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