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  1. Anything special about your PQ? What are its parameters, is a caches along a route PQ, a bookmark PQ, etc?


    I have one along a route and one created by coördinate. But with both PQ's I have the same problem...

  2. Whenever I try to edit one of my PQ's, I receive the Signal Frog with an error message... Is it possible to have a look at that? It's not fun to recreate the PQ's everytime you wish to change something...

  3. Hi


    I am a freelance writer based in the UK and I'm writing an article on geocaching for the (A)WAY expatriate magazine, based in Belgium.


    I'm looking for keen geocachers who wouldn't mind talking about their experience of geocaching in Belgium for the article.


    If you're interested in helping me contact me on: miranda.irving@gmail.com.


    Many thanks


    Miranda Irving

    Freelance Writer.


    I think there are many cachers in Belgium that want to help you, but what do you want exactly? Will you ask questions or do we have to write a little story about our experience that you can use? You need old dogs or fresh newbies? Or maybe both?


    If you can give us a little more information (maybe here and on the forum on the .be site) you'll see that Belgian geocachers often are very helpfull to give our hobby some extra media-attention!

  4. Hi,


    I'm looking for a program to use on my PDA Mio Digiwalker (using Route 66) to drive to the starting coordinates of a cache... Now I always have to transfer it to streetnames before i can find the starting location! For caching itself i use the Geko 301. So that i cannot use to navigate to the startpoint...


    Hope someone can help... Preferred in Dutch but English isn't a problem aswell...

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