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  1. 1 minute ago, lee737 said:

    Is the GPX file for local caches? ie not 250mi away.... You've unzipped it? (Yes, I've done that!).

    Have you checked you haven't got a filter set to exclude everything?

    This happened out of the blue to me a couple of weeks back, I ended up fixing it by deleting the GPX files, restarting the GPSr, then reloading them in. 


    Yes local caches and unzipped. (I've done it too. LOL) No filters set.

  2. Just updated my 62S to Firmware 5.70 today, loaded a PQ and had the wife drop me off on a dirt road with the intention of walking home. No sooner had she left when I found a major issue with my 62S which worked perfectly fine yesterday. It seems to load the PQ and shows the Geocaches on the map, but as soon as I select one the GPS freezes and no buttons work. I can't even shut the GPS off with the power button, I have to remove the batteries and reboot, but the problem persists. Anyone else have this issue and or know if a way to fix this problem? Totally screwed up my afternoon of planned Geocaching. Grrrrrr.

  3. Hi guys,


    Going on a cruise in a month to Nassau Bahamas, St Thomas USVI, Puerto Rico & Turks & Caisos. I own a Garmin GPS Map 62S and wonder if there are any free maps I can install on my gps so I can Geocache while in these areas? I was thinking OSM, but will they work on my Garmin? Detailed instructions please as I'm not too good with this stuff.



  4. Recently bought a SPOT satellite messenger and love it! Just wondering how many people are using this device to stay in touch while out Geocaching? Any tips for me? How many people do you have on your contact list? What messages do you have preset?

  5. A few years back I found a plugin for Google Earth that not only showed Geocaches in a given area, but also drew a circle around that cache equal to about 200m to indicate how far a new cache could be hidden. I recently reinstalled Google Earth and can't find that plugin, which I found to be very helpful. Does anyone know where I can find this plugin or a similar tool?

  6. You can't unless you have a copy of windows installed on your mac. But Basecamp is esetually the same thing and there is a Mac version.



    Thankfully I dont have Windows on my computer now do I have access to a Windows computer. :-) I have Basecamp on my Mac but how can I get the map files into it? It's not copy protected so that should make it easier. Can I just copy the img files over?

  7. Several years ago, I bought Topo Canada maps from Garmin. Since that time I bought a Mac and have no idea how to load the maps so I can put them on my GPS. I have already d/n Map Install, but am not sure how to use it as there are no instructions. Has anyone else run into this?

  8. I just bought a 62S yesterday and found only one cache yesterday with it. Stupid screen popped up. I'm running version 2.90 and don't see a way to shut this stupid nag screen off. Can someone give me details on how to shut it off? Seems some people don't get it. Very annoying....

  9. Helping you on 1) (Based on my experience)


    Yes and no, it depends on what you have loaded on the unit. If you have a simple topo or street map and not much more, the processing is lightning fast. But when you begin to load topo's with terrain shading, BirdsEye images, and more custom maps, and enable topo's over BirdsEye, the unit can actually be about on par as the 60CSX draw speed.


    With the latest firmware updates the find/search by spelling function became extremely slow for me and some features on the map screen such as selecting a map point to view it's information also became very slow.


    You'll have people tell you that the 62 is super fast and, with what they have loaded as far as maps, they are probably correct. For me, with all of my custom maps, citynav, 24K Topo's with terrain shading (DEM), and over 200 Birdseye files, I perceive the processor as under-powered at times. Even with a 16GB class 4 SD card it takes my unit over 2 minutes to start up.


    SHORT ANSWER: Depends on your use.


    Thanks for the help guys! just what I was looking for!!

  10. First, let me start by saying I have read several reviews about the 62S. None of them answer my questions.


    1. Is the 60S faster than the 60CSX or the Oregon when opening menus, searching etc? Does it have a faster processor?


    2. How many Geocaches can be loaded on this at once? I have seen conflicting answers on this.


    Thanks very much!

  11. I have to say that I sign most caches I find, however I almost never sign the nano's. I have big fingers and can never get the paper back inside. So when I do find the cache, I take a photo of it to prove I was there and actually found the cache.


    Is this considered taboo? LOL

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