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  1. I actually like the presale method. I do realize I will be waiting a bit to get the coin, but that will happen weather they have my money or not. Minting still takes time and a presale ensures I have the chance to get the coins I like. For me is keeps things clean and simple on both sides.

  2. 1. Participating - yes email, sent 4/28/08

    2. Received Name - yes

    3. Mission Complete - yes, mailed 5/9/08

    4. Mission Arrived! - yes 5/11/08


    Thank you for the awesome package keewee. I will be posting pictures as soon as I get them uploaded! I got all kinds of awesome goodies, even a coin on my seeking list!


    PS, a surprise is on its way to you. :o

  3. Just some FYI, I shipped the prizes today. Sorry for the delay and for the crappy looking envelopes they are coming in. I recycled some old envelopes but they are taped up really good and secure with clear addresses so they should not have a problem getting to you. I couldn't see spending money on new bubble mailers just to ship pins. Sorry. Hope you like them:)


    I dont care what pins are coins are packaged in. The wrapper doesnt have to be pretty, its what is inside that is pretty. And who can complain about saving money and recycling?

  4. 10 out of 13


    DING DING DING I GOT 10TH PLACE! I was so mad, I was what they call the bubble girl or out on the bubble which means I was out just before making the final table. Now guess how many were in the tournament.


    I received my pin today. Thank you very much for hosting this contest. It is a beautiful pin and a great message!

  5. 1. Participating - email sent 6/9/2008

    2. Nick/destination received - not yet

    3. Outgoin coin mission details attached - not yet

    4. Outgoing coin released in cache GC - not yet

    5. Incoming coin picked up - cache GC - not yet


    This sounds like so much fun!

  6. I forgot to post I received my last coin! I now have all coins from this trade. Thank you all for the trades!


    I am still waiting to make sure TMA, Jan and the percy boys, & LindsyChris have received their coins from me. :)


    I got 'em. Thanks :)




    Thank you for the update. ;)

  7. I love this ides, especially with the colors and maybe even some translucent with textures. However you decide to do this coin I am sure it will be beautiful and I would get a couple for sure!

  8. I dont really think I have made any serious coin mistakes. I have purchased or traded for a few coins that did not look as good in person. I just trade those away. No harm done. I love coins for the coin, the design, the message, the pretty colors. If I find the coin pretty I will go after it weather it has a tracking number or not. i currently have several non trackables, a few i have traded trackables for. If anyone has any non trackables they dont want, feel free to email me a list. :unsure:

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