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  1. I apologize for making the tracking number so small on the butterfly coin. Due to the detail of the design I could not find another way to get them into the coin.
  2. Mission Complete. Thank you Secret Santa for the stunningly beautiful card and the awesome coins which were both on my seeking list!
  3. Mission Complete. Thank you Secret Santa for all the goodies. I love the coins and the awesome geo-bag i received. The chocolate is meeting it demise as I type this. LOL
  4. He's blowing you off on the subject. Other coin makers have provided 2.5" flips and even 2.75" flips with their larger coins. For someone whose manufacturing is fully financed by his customers he's showing very weak attention to customer service, IMHO. Sorry for venting. I am aware that larger coin sleeves are available. The question was asked on the forum and I shared his response to that question. I have always been very happy with my purchases from and minting experiences with CAP. I did not find the lack of a coin flip to be a problem, as I throw them away anyways but I understand some like to store their coins in them. For anyone who would like to share their concern about these coins not being in a plastic sleeve feel free to email coins and pins directly. I am sure they will be happy to resolve the problem.
  5. It has been a crazy week for me, but I finally have an icon into Aaron so it should be up soon. For those of you who asked about the flips, this is the response I received from them. "I am sorry, I forgot to answer your question about the flips: This coin is 2.5” wide and the biggest coin flip made is for 2” coins." I have a couple of other projects going on at the moment, and the holidays are upon us, but I have already started sketching and brainstorming for my 2010 coin. I am also playing with the idea of making a series of fantasy butterflies, seeing how well this design was received.
  6. E-mail sent: 12/4/09 Name Received: 12/7/09 Coin Sent: 12/9/09 Coin Received: ~waiting on Santa~
  7. 1. Participating: Yes 2. Received Name: Yes 3. Mission Complete: Yes, 12/7/09 4. Package Received!: ~waiting for santa~
  8. Wow, that was fast! The middle does have my name in Japanese, at least the closest translation of it I could find. Owl Catcher, can you email me your address and which butterfly you would like? ~Krystal
  9. This cointest is open to everyone. The winner will be the first person to guess the correct answer and they can pick which version of my Fantasy butterfly they would like. One post per person/per hour. I will give clues to the answer as time passes if there are no correct answers, but for fun to start off your only clue is: Clue #1 - There is a hidden, personal message in the design, what is it? I am including a picture to help those of you who do not have a coin in hand to look at. fixed picture problem
  10. I am glad to hear some of you have gotten your coins already. I am unsure why the coins were not in flips. I will email coins and pins to find out.
  11. E-mail sent: 12/4/09 Name Received: Coin Sent: Coin Received:
  12. The mailman just dropped of a box full of fluttery butterflies. For those of you who ordered some for yourself, stalk your mailman. For anyone I have worked out a trade with, I am going to get these in the mail to you over the weekend. I still have a few available for trade or sale. Email me if you are interested. ~Krystal
  13. Did anyone order extras for trades? I would like to trade for one of these.
  14. Awhile back I traded to get a Prowler53 Paw geocoin. When I received it, it was already activated by a cacher across the country. After a few confusing emails we discovered we both had the same coin with the same tracking number. I was a bit bummed as it took me forever to find one and there is no way to get a replacement. In the end having a duplicate is better then non at all. I can still show it off in my coin binder, I just don't let anyone "discover" it.
  15. I am seeking the love paw geocoin. I have an up to date trader list in my siggy link.
  16. These should be shipping out in about a week. I do have extras and am open to trade offers.
  17. Oh, I definitely want one of these. Another cute design in your series.
  18. 1. Participating: Yes 2. Received Name: Yes 3. Mission Complete: ~working on it now~ 4. Package Received!: ~waiting for santa~
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