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  1. I'm going a fishing trip next month and I want to use my Garmin V for routing with Mapsource and use the fishing map that shows the "hotspots" in NAD27. If I load the waypoints for my hotspots while in WGS84 mode will they be messed up ?? If I switch over to NAD 27 mode - enter the hotspots and switch back - will it work? I could really use some help. Thanks. hmf4
  2. My dogs love it and I haven't been on a cache without 'em in 3 yrs.
  3. Good Idea Magellan315 - I'll check it out. Thanks!
  4. I needed one about 10:30 this morning. I slid down a hill through the mud due to lack of a stick. I just turned 40 and this will only happen again and again and again. Only you can prevent it.....
  5. Has anyone managed to operate all three simultaneously????
  6. Does changing the Heading Settings on my GPS V from True North to Mag North have any effect on the accuracy of the routing program? For caching I typically use Mag and would like to leave it set that way... Thanks in advance! BTW - The GPS V was an upgrade from an eTrex Venture - awesome upgrade!
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Flash - you willing to do a COD??
  8. I have a Venture for sale. I just upgraded to a GPS V. Are you still looking??
  9. I just got a GPS V and I want to mount it in my car, but I don't want to put one of those permanent disks on my dash. Has anyone used the Garmin suction cup windshield mount?? Is there a different mount that anyone has had success with in the car ?? Thanks!
  10. Is there any software available (besides expertgps) for downloading NAD27 waypoints to my eTrex?? I'm in a bind - I'll buy expertgps if I have too, but for a one time load I would rather not... Thanks a bunch!
  11. Now I feel really dumb. They are the same coordinates?? I set the etrex to match the map format as close as I could. The map is in DD MM SS.S The Etrex will do HDDD MM SS.S Is there another format that might match?? quote:Originally posted by dave and jaime:for what its worth, the 2 coordinates are the same, just in different formats. does the etrex only accept uploads in specific formats? i dont know as i dont have an etrex. 'Get to the point---speak English!!!!'
  12. I am trying to add some waypoints with EasyGPS for a trip I'm taking. The map I'm using is NAD 27 CON US and the waypoints are hddd mm ss.s I have set the Garmin etrex Venture to both formats but when I transfer the data it changes to a different cordinate! Here's an example: I load this in Easy GPS: N34.08085 W85.47385 And it converts to this on my etrex: N34 04 50.6 W85 28 26.0 Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?? It very frustrating... Thanks in advance! Mac
  13. I have the Garmin 38 and upgraded to the eTrex Venture. I highly recommend it. For an eleven yr old - I'm sure the basic eTrex will be fine. Good luck!
  14. I upgraded my basic etrex within 2 days to Venture and it works great! Unless you're going to plop down serious money on really good mapping unit, you can't beat it. good luck!
  15. I should really do some research before posting stuff. I'm pretty new to this (only 8 caches found) and just started using a compass when finding caches. Since I'm not using a map of any kind, I think I'll set the GPS to mag north and be done with it. If I ever start using topo maps I'll have to get "smart" about declination. As near as I can tell I should be at less than a degree east here in SE Wisconsin - so it shouldn't be to big a deal. Thanks!!!
  16. I've had mine for almost a year and it works great! I've used it for caching and hunting without a single problem. Must be a lemon or user error
  17. I've had mine for almost a year and it works great! I've used it for caching and hunting without a single problem. Must be a lemon or user error
  18. Hi! I inadvertantly grabbed a travel bug last weekend. When I went to log the cache I realized what I did and headed for the travel bug site to log it. I put in it's reference number, but it won't accept it. What am I doing wrong?? BTW - The bug is Sullie Thanks
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