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  1. Hello everyone,


    I have a used Garmin Oregon 450 for sale. Just bought the 650 so I don't need this one anymore. It is a refurbished unit due to a repair from Garmin back in January 2013. Works great and has City Navigator 2013 on a 2 Gig micro SD card which is included. Price is $100 plus shipping. It has some scratches on the case from being used, but still functions great. Also comes with a Zagg screen cover. Enjoy!


    Are there any cables or other basic items that come with the device? What condition is the touch screen in? Am interested with the right answers.




  2. Looking for a reasonably priced Oregon 550t or Garmin GPSMAP 62. Not looking for individual pieces, parts or accessories but the complete kit. If you have the complete starting set with the GPS and have extra accessories that you are willing to sell let me know and I'll consider. Only offer items if near mint or better. Thanks!

  3. Hi!


    We're the Horn Adventuring Co., a family of six in the Interlochen/Grawn area, who have recently joined the ranks of geocachers. We've been having a lot of fun but would like to begin making contact with other geocachers that wouldn't mind having like minded friends, possible get togethers, maybe team up on caches, or just to be email pals. We just met our first fellow geocachers from Lake Ann but the user ID they gave us isn't valid :( so sad. Anyway, if anyone is interested please reply to the thread or email us on the Geocaching website!



    Papa :laughing:

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