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  1. Great story and pictures Dressel Dragons. Congratulations on your 1000th find : )
  2. I don't think so...this is the icon for it, but I can't find a picture of the coin either. (scratching head with befuddled look)
  3. Is this it? If it is, I found it at these two places http://worldcaching.com/catalog/product_in...products_id=474 http://www.cachingbox.com/index.php?act=vi...p;productId=139
  4. and roller skates or big bouncy springs that you can jump over everyone with to get to the front of the line : )
  5. Just curious now about the tracking number....I see that it's can't be on the die so how is that done?
  6. There's about an hour left. I have decided to throw in a little surprise extra (coin) to the winner of the auction. I am also going to match the donation by paying the adoption fee ($120.00) for this dog named Taffy. She's an Australian Shepherd X. If I thought I could take on another dog right now, I'd go get her myself. http://www.montanapets.org/lchs/pictures/09-1183.html (this picture just about makes me want to cry) Let's go Bucket List Project! Thanks! tsun so this is what the adoption fee is at this shelter? or is it where the bid is now plus $120
  7. how long do they keep the dies after the coin has been made?
  8. Earth Turtle Oceania's and Poinson Frogs came to my mailbox today.... : ) But and how did I get to buy it?
  9. We've had many go missing from caches and once we are notified of it we pull the coin from the cache and like Droo said above mark it as "stolen/missing" beside it's name. To date have had 3 of them show back up with 2 emails asking why it is marked like that : ) So yours might still make a come back for you on a side note here...is there a way to search for "member only" caches?
  10. sorry to keep replying to your posts like some kind of deranged stalker....but I love this one. ugghhhh
  11. those are really cute Stephanie one question though ..... what's a UTE?
  12. thank you all for the suggestions....I emailed Aaron once again and asked if he knew specifically what the covering over the compass was made of and am waiting on a reply. I was afraid to do anything until I knew what to do for sure as I don't want to ruin these even further.
  13. I have this set of 5th anniversary coins I purchased on ebay. They came scuffed like the pictures show. I asked C & P if they knew of a way to fix this and Aaron said what he tried just made it cloudy looking. Do any of you maybe have an idea on how I can get the marks out. Thanks spice island in the box spice island out of the box antarctic in the box antarctic out of the box
  14. PM sent I need a blue (I typed albino but need a blue) sent you a PM in regards to the email you sent me : )
  15. PM sent and fingers crossed pm sent to ya : )
  16. congrats on the sale Stephanie.....light at the end of the tunnel finally : )
  17. I have extra of the blue poison, gold poison, and albino frogs... looking for frogs from the first sale: Purple/gold trade made / thank you Craig, will mail yours out once I receive it : ) red/black nickel trade made thank you : ) torquoise/black nickel trade made green/black nickel trade made email at bvnlj(at)msn(dot)com or pm if interested
  18. Ok fuzziebear3, we got our "girl" frog out and placed in a cache today with her mission to meet up with your Adam. : ) Can't wait to see the family tadpole tree grow Macadamia Nut TB# TB35KXQ
  19. Hey I like this idea .... we have to attend a funeral this morning, but am going to activate and release a "girl" nutella hopper today so Adam can have a girlfriend. Maybe they should all be connected together when they meet and he can have his own little harem ; ) (I'll post later on today a link to ours)
  20. those are nice Stephanie....the foggy gold & silver sort of look like they came out two-tone....foggy on the recessed portions and shiny on the raised portions (fingers crossed on the cart system for ya)
  21. I think you can activate these at coincodes.com under cache hopper oops nevermind...doesn't seem to be working there
  22. glad all is well with you and yours congrats TeamEccs21 : )
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